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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tiger Malaysia presents: Tiger Halloween Dead Thirsty Party!

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As the Halloween weekend approaches, my ghouly mates and I were looking for some awesome place with some awesome beer to ghoul the night away.

So we ended in this side of the town, the dark yet interesting side of the streets.

*licks lips* That's me in the sweater, can't risk dropping a few maggots on the floor can I? We observed the place a while as we slowly gathered to monster mash the place.

Serious Simon was really all in on this place, he said he smelled some Tiger too XD.

It looks like some of our mates are already lurking around too, and boy were we Dead Thirsty at that time!

Time to head in, let's hope it feels like home.

Definitely smells and feels like my own backyard here, great setting for a cozy *eh hem* place like this.

Lots of people, and the performance was pretty good, singing a mixture of thai, eng, malay, chinese, hokkien songs, accompanied by a group of dancing zombie girls, you can see what kind of crowd this club attracts. :)

We were really parched so we decided to quickly gun down some awesome Tiger beer that was prepared for us!

We were later greeted with a china girl group call Queen. There had really strong and an overall good performance and showmanship.

They were so hot that, Uncle Freddy wanted to have a slice at them! XD

Good thing they had these awesome lightning sticks (lol) and Laser optical beam thingies.

After their strong performance, the crowd was all set for some DJ mixes to party the night away. I think it was the awesome Tiger beer that we drink, cause i think my face looked better from an hour ago.

A freshly transformed zombie, Guide. 

1. Just turned
2. Starts to feel the hunger for flesh
3.Spots a victim
4. rawr mfmfmng hnng rawr chomp

Brilliant make up by the way thx to the make up artist who was on standby.

So the night went on very well, with the ghoulist spirit hanging high!  The funny thing with Halloween celebrations is that Malaysians tend to be shy or feel awekward when it comes to dressing up or putting on mask and play along. But when you do it, it's actually! 

So do give it a try at these Tiger Malaysia Dead Thirsty venues this Halloween!

Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall
Souled Out (Hartamas)
Paparazzi, SS2 Mall
Beer Factory (Setia Walk)
Beer Factory (Scott Garden)
Muzeum, Setia Walk
Geographer Adventure, Puchong
The Remedy, Scott Garden
Chillout Bistro, Subang Parade
Rum Garden, Platinum Mall (Setapak)
Penthouse, Subang
Patio, Genting 


See you guys at those venues later!

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1 comment :

Isaac Tan said...

Run for our lives!! :):)

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