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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Samsung Malaysia presents: Samsung Super Match at World Cyber Games (WCG) 2012

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In conjunction with the annual World Cyber Games, as one of the core sponsors of the event, Samsung Malaysia decided to have a special category for it's social media enthusiasts to provide them with an experience with their brand new flagship gaming laptop- the Samsung series 7 gamer edition.

The four bloggers were (on top) frm left.


4 bloggers and 4 facebook fans were chosen via polling and qualifications and were set to duke it out at the special arena in the middle of the KL Convention centre Hall 1, it seemed to be quite the attention grabber as 2 laptops were hooked on to the notably HD Samsung Smart TVs giving on lookers a thrilling visual of the ferocious battle that was going on in the special arena.

The Series 7 is quite the beast just by looking at it's outer design and huge display, bring in a Razer or Steel series peripherals and your are set to go, I didn't really like the keyboard layout as it felt weird but seasoned gamers should know better then to use it. haha (we did not have that choice though)

Female celebrity of Malaysia's gaming scene dropped by for an appearance, challenging one volunteer amongst the player and ended up thrashing the fella 12-4 , poor kid gots no game when it comes to Ashley. I think she grabbed a lot of attention to the stage at the moment, well played Samsung.

Check out the huge screen, it's like watching a first person movie! hahaha. So after 3 days of gruesome 1 on 1s , the victors were chosen and I was in the 3rd, 4th place position *sulk* despite playing the best among the others *sulk* . I've have never been a winner when it comes to rules, always get screwed up by it, but it's also partially cause my gaming skills are rusty after years of inactiveness. hahaha *sulk at being noobified by the sands of time*

So I got to walk home with a Samsung Galaxy Player which is a rival to the popular ipods, it's RRP is RM600 and doesn't support sim card -_-.

OH! I also went home with a new name later on!

Congrats as well to Tony from for winning the second place with the prize of a Samsung Series 5. LOL. He also got kinda nerfed by the rule during the finals laaar. Haha.

Look at his happy face, *ish*

Anyway, all in all it was a pretty good experience for some of us. I never imagined that I could be so calm and collected in a gaming tournament *even though it's a small one* which made me kinda regret the many times I have abandoned gaming. From now on I will balance it out as not to not lose this gamer's side of me. As I still believe gaming brings more positive influence to ppl more then the infamous negative influences.

Thanks again to Samsung Malaysia and Nuffnang Malaysia for the oppurtunity to take it to the *erm* big stage :)!

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Jacqueline Khoo said...

LOL, better dont win anything right? Congratz anyway!!! :D

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