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Friday, October 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launched In Malaysia, Price and Availability Revealed.


After weeks of social exposure and the anticipation surrounding this device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been officially launched in Malaysia. The core facts that surround the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the fact that it is made to inspire your creativity, bringing the best in you.

Writing notes and drawing sketches are just at the tip of the revamped S-Pen, share and play all you want with faster speed and smoother user experience, it's a digital sketchbook.

Cutting to the chase, there are 3 things that you would want to know now and here are the answers.

1.) When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 be available?
- The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be available nationwide across 3 major telco which is Celcom, Digi and Maxis. Another thing that needs reminding is that the first batch of Note 2 will need to wait for the OTA upgrade before they can use the Multiview feature. *sorry*

2.) How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cost?
- The Retail price is RM2.299 if you are just getting the device, there will be bundle promotions being offered by all 3 of the telco and we can look forward to a healthy rivalry of prices that will benefit the mojority of us :).

3.) How GOOD is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Is it worth switching or buying?
-  I am not going to be too quick to judge on this yet because I only got a short span of 5 minutes to try out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, most of the cool new functions works best with an internet connection.

One thing I can say is that it has a pretty weak camera that does not complement the other note features that are marketed very aggressively.

But the Galaxy Note 2 is pretty suitable for all the artists and designers our there that generally takes sketching every where they go, so it's pretty user specific. If you got no use for an S-pen or the tendency to write notes lll the time in classese then you better think twice.

The designers or artists or architects even, should really give it a try because I can see them using the Galaxy Note 2 to it's full potential.:)

If I get the privilege to get this device I will write a proper review for it, but for now I am just throwing in my 2 cents and that I am not impressed by it. :).

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FBS Headmaster said...

I want one T_T Should have go and fight to the death for the free one xD

Merryn said...

I think soon you'll surely get to review this and I'll look forward to read it!

Henry Lee said...

too expensive! :(

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