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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MV for Ace of Angels/AoA 2nd single album [Wannabe] with title song "Get Out" is here!

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Ace of Angels or AoA in short is the first hybrid band from the popular and well loved FNC Entertainment that produces popular bands such as FT Island and CN Blue.

The uniqueness of this new Hybrid band comes from it's 7+1 that is divided into a five girl band and a 7 girl dance group, Some of them dance and play whilst one particular girl (who is also my favorite) - The drummer Seo You Kyoung is described as only half and angel but also holds the key to something something.

Their first Single Elvis caught my attention and it seems like they managed to follow through with that success with this all new single :).

The MV itself makes several cultural references to western modern day characters, the most notable ones would be Kill Bill, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter and Romeo & Juliet.

My Personal Favorite "Y" the half Angel

When they dance :)

When they band :).

Here is the embed video so enjoy! <3 p="p">

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