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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Movies: Ted 2012, will it be censored?


What's it about:
Imagine your favorite stuff animal was brought to life, growing up together with it and learning the ways of life together, the bonds you share and the times you spent. The story of a young boy and his Teddy bear growing up and the hardship and emotional situations that have to endure, in the most vulgar, comical yet most accurately described way. :P

What are my thoughts on the movie:

If you are gonna make a movie like this, you better make it right. Lucky enough, there were enough cultural references, explicit jokes, sensitive remarks and a ton load of vulgarity to make you ignore the obvious and predictable story.

The highlights of the movie are of course, the vulgarity and spot on culture references ranging from the 80s all the way to the present, if you manage to catch on to 90% of it then you deserve a pat on the back. Some were obvious whilst the rest needed a little more exposure to be able to get the joke. 

Even with the spot on jokes and the bold mentions of sensitive issues like 9/11 and subtle religious mockeries, i still find it to be too mild and family friendly for my standards ( but then again, i watch quite a lot of messed up, explicit and trippy comedies and stuff) so it should be quite okay for the rest of you because the movie did gave me quite some laughs. 

Mark Wahlberg was all in on this one, struggling between maturity and the kid in him, and Seth McFarlene was just being a "Peter Griffin with better conscience"  

The big question however is the censorship in Malaysia's Cinemas and the answer is : YES
Even though the censored parts might seem irrelavant but it does remove quite a lot of the scripts creativity of creating a dirty yet cute comedy for the adults

There were many lines in the movie which i really liked, but the favorite one was a pop culture reference:- "It doesn't matter if you are Frankie Muniz or Justin bieber, or even a talking teddy bear, after a while people just can't be bothered" (slightly altered but the meaning is the same)

Note: Flash Gordon is amazing. 

Ted: John, I look like something you give to your kid when you tell 'em Grandma died. 

Rating: 3.5/5

"A film for the adults and the bold kids, it gave impressive accuracy as to how life would really be if a Teddy bear comes to life for a guy, bromantic yet cuddly. Enjoy the bold and sometimes crude jokes without any prejudice and you got yourself a feel good vulgar movie" -


Henry Lee said...

hahahhaa.... u don't need to alter the "they just don't give a shit" xD

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