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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movies: Skyfall 007™ with Heineken Malaysia

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What's it about:-
The famous James Bond returns to the silver screen with a less convincing yet manly matter, on a failed attempt to retrieve a stolen hard disk, Bond ended in a journey of self discovery only to be needed once again by his country, good ol' england. 

This time against a protagonist both intelligent and an ex MI6, his soul purpose was to destroy the one who created him. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
 Looking into the years of Bond movies and the several portrayal of him, the british agent is now in his most vulnerable film, what amazes me is that after so many bond movie it still dodges the cliche bullet but a quarter of an inch.

A good variety of action choreography was done followed by that familiar yet different parlour tricks of your favorite James Bond.The film comprises lots of rough edges that gives it the unpolished engagement it wants to bring and with the emotional touch that marks the end of this faulty yet elite version of James Bond. 

The storyline, no matter how hard to try to keep you focus on the present already makes it predictable thus making the climax of the movie seemed monotone and shielded with a Micheal Bay exploding house. It was a good movie for Daniel Craig's version of Bond but not applicable with the other James Bond. (even though this is a fact, but this films really sets it apart from everything else) 

Rating:- 3/5

"It's more drama than you would prefer, but it hits the spot on showing the more vintage side of Bond, the bond that isn't perfect and flawless hence a more relatable bond instead of the  bond we all idolize. A movie that sets itself apart from it's predecessors even if not the best bond film"

Special thanks to Heineken Malaysia for the invites, the booze and the experience. 

"Celebrities and die hard James Bond fans were out in force and dressed to the nines which includes model Peter Davis, radio DJ Jeremy Teo and Linora Low. They were among the first few to witness Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond while feted to sumptuous canapés and perfectly chilled Heineken, which James Bond himself enjoyed in one of the scenes in Skyfall.

The Heineken premiere of Skyfall transformed GSC Signature into a scene out of the movie, and guests were immersed into the world of James Bond as they posed as Secret Agents. Lucky guests who managed to ‘Crack the Case’ went home with exclusive James Bond and Heineken merchandise, while others were entertained by Malaysia’s very own James Bond and Bond girls."

It's great news to here of the continued partnership between Heineken and the 007™ as it reflects just how premium and suave dear Heineken is for all of us :).

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