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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Movies: Sinister 2012


What's it about:-
A crime novelist moves into the house with his family, broke and out of ideas. He tries to get to the bottom of the death of the family who lived here, all which were hung to death at the same time whilst one girl of the family was missing. As he searches the house, the novelist stumbles a box of old super 8 films and footage of the "happy" moments of certain families. 

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What are my thoughts on the movie:-

The movie overwhelmed me with an unsettling eerie atmosphere, tackling between a mystery and a super natural boundary. The pacing of the movie might seem slow but any faster or slower would have spoiled it. 

The champion of the movie does not lie in the scare that it delivers every now and den, but the credits goes to the visual effects team, who did one of the most fantastic job in a long time for a horror movie, the shadow play and the lighting in the house was just perfect, keeping you in the tension throughout the whole time. 

The film delivers just the right amount of intensity that a horror film should have, the whole filming of the movie projected a mysterious yet evil vibe to the film. 

The make up however was not up to par on this one as the demon itself looks more like a clown then a proper demon make up, perhaps he wanted to be friendly with everyone!

I personally enjoyed the unsettling feeling and atmosphere of the whole film, every door knob turned, every back exposed and every time footsteps are heard, give the film the mood it deserves, sinister and tense. 

Ethan's (the novelists) performance was engaging and eventually you get caught in the film itself, it's the times when it was just the projector, Ethan and his whisky that really makes you ponder and search around so that you don't get the jump. 

Rating: 3/5
"An old genre bought back to life with a simple yet twisted way, disturbing, eerie, and lonely"-


Unknown said...

Is this a remake or adaptation? Coz it sounds familiar for me. O.o

Anonymous said...

It's not as freaky as I would have liked it to be, but with a moody atmosphere, it still delivers the goods on being scary in the right way a horror movie should. Great review Benjamin.

Unknown said...

I was back here to see if you intended to not put a rating for this post lol. Paranormal Activity 4 review

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