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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Movies: Silent Hill Revelations 2012 and it's destruction by Malaysia's censorship board

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What's it about:-
Picking up from the first movie, we know follow the child that was released from Silent Hill thanks to her righteous loving step mom, following various alias such as sharon, her most well used name is Heather Mason, the folks at Silent Hill wants her back and they will stop at nothing to bring her back into the darkness. 

While she runs and dodge the darkness that is out to surround her, she must also face the truth that she TOO belongs to Silent Hill. 

After rewatching parts of the first film, the gf was right. Alessa was not to be portrayed as such in Revelations. Poor girl, it's as if the Valtiel didnt do enough damage to her. sigh

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
Honestly, Silent Hill works much better than it's action driven rival Resident Evil simply by the level of eerie and tension it creates throughout the film, but that was the first film.

In Silent Hill Revelations, disregarding a story that had such a bad flow that the parts and pieces only made sense because we forced ourselves to believe it made sense. The atmosphere of the franchise itself could not be further reflected in this installment. I had high hopes in seeing things that would bring my heart to the edge of a cliff, but was disappointed multiple times by Censorship and the lack of suspense that should have been the main priority. The story flowed like a river with too many rocks, cutting here and there and taking away the engagements that really mean something, plus dropping a love bomb in the middle of a horror film is so distasteful in so many levels.

Fans of the franchise can argue on how the film gives life to another angle of the characters and you can go in awe-ing your way as more and more familiar names start to join in. Travis Grady being one of the most shocking one, that also gives wind to more Silent Hill Movies.

What disturbed me the most was that, i felt it to be mild and rushed, the lack of creatures that made silent hill great and the level of mind bending mystery that made it such a good psychological horror story. The only thing Heather Mason did here was run and scream, even when she went into hiding from the creature the emotion was not even there, blame it on her acting or the setting it doesn't matter. 

I felt that a chunk of Silent Hill was missing in this film, and finding it utterly hard to digest the final "boss" battle that happened in the film.

The effects however was very impressive and I really wished they made more of it to show just how screwed up the world in Silent Hill and it's darkness can be. 

But just like the game, we can hope for a better movie in the future. I am just happy that they didn't take off pyramid head's helmet. (seriously, i thought it would happen -_-)"

Rating: 1.5/5 

"It took them no time to dismantle the most fundamental things that made Silent Hill so mind boggling, heart grasping and nerve bending into a film that you have to watch no matter how many times they try to make it. I feel sad."

Oh and here is the gf cosplaying as Heather Mason.

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