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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movies: Frankenweenie 2012

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What's it about:-
An almost exact stop motion animated remake of the 1984 Vincent and Frankenweenie short feature film that can be found in certain disney old school VHS, i watched mine in a lion king VHS.

It tells a tale about how a dog and his owner (Victor) are parted when the lovely dog is hit by a car.  Victor was so heartbroken having losing his only friend, gets inspired by a certain scientist to attempt resurrecting it with electric currents. The result was a creepy yet well tone film of a different kind of love and relationship. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-

Right of the bat, the black and white stop motion concept already create the setting for this Tim Burton film, casting an eerie shadow over a what seems to be "cartoon of sorts", but I am sad to say that I felt that the magic stopped there. Why?

The premises in which Tim Burton and the rest of the production team could have worked with was so vast and engaging but they failed to do so, from the depth of the dysfunctional characters like the proud asian kid, to the stupid fat mommy's boy and to that evil neighbor that lives next door, everyone of these characters had a little time to develop to create a better and more in tune film but was neglected, i guess showing the cuteness of the dog was more money making then the flow itself.

I guess the whole meaning of the original short was lost in translation, as it was suppose to create a unsettling and mild disturbing atmosphere between the resurrected Frankenweenie and his loving master, because it would be wrong for a kid to hug a corpse, get lick by it while it's body rots away slowly but you get that mild  "awww what a cute innocent dog" feel at the same time. The juxtaposition wasn't there this time around. -it didn't create that creepy feel between a corpse dog and it's master, that was easily reflected in the short but this may also be due to the animated nature of the film. 

The story however did turn out into a decent family flick, entertaining with stop motions and a few cracks of jokes here and there, the usual easily overlooked flaws and plotholes can be forgotten and it most certainly is not up to Tim Burton glorious (down the gutter) legacy now. Still recommendable for the family to have a good day's out, or if you like animals and might have lost a loved pet once too. (all in which I can relate)

Special tributes to monster folklore/beliefs:-
The additional scenes that took center stage that was not in the original short creates the much meeded climax to this full budget feature film with tributes to, Vampire Cat (Japan), Gamera (Japan), Zombie Hamster(unknown), Wererat (unknown). Swamp Monster, (American sewers) and of course the original Frankenstein's Monster. 

There was another video that featured two tim burton shorts, which the other one was named vincent but i guess this one is better suits the review.
Thx for the headsup

Rating: 2.5/5

"Converting a great short film during his early days, and creating a film decent enough for the families and their kids. The movie might have lost some of it's earlier values but chips in more modern themes, making it watchable but somewhat too easy to digest"

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