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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movies: Cockneys Vs Zombies 2012

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What's it about:-
Back here in East London side, a construction company opens up a sealed tomb and unleashes a surviving (erm) zombie and it soons spreads across town. 

An unlikely gang of robbers was caught in the middle of robbing the bank and the out break and now must band together with whoever they can find to save their grandparents at the old folks home.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
This is what you would call a nonsensical yet entertaining movie film, classed together with british humor and you get that awesome mix of violence, gore and pure fun entertainment. 

A simple survival story line, blending in with a cast of quirky characters that are all dysfunctional in their on way and an arsenal of guns, if a zombie apocalypse were to happen this is how it would actually look like.

It's a fun gore fest of heroes that just want to stay alive, no special powers, no mutated flying creatures. Just slow zombies coming to get you and you have a double barrrel shot gun in your head.

A classic horror comedy hitting just about all the right spots, this movie will ruin the whole "the walking dead" series for you. A perfect film for a night in with your favorite band of misfit buddies! :).

It's a B rate film with A- class fun! 

*not available in Malaysia cinemas but available to download on your favorite torrent sites :).*

Ratings: 3/5
"It's just all the things you would hope for if a zombie apocalypse actually happens, don't worry about the story and just have good fun watching it."

1 comment :

heliena said...

just seen this movie yesterday. british accent with alot of swearing, dry joke, gramps with big guns.. :) gotta love it. especially with appearance of bricktop from the movie 'snatch'....

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