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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

James Bond Cracks the Case with Heineken

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So I was browsing through the internet for upcoming movies, and looks like the one that many are waiting for would be the new James Bond: Skyfall movie starring Daniel Craig and a sexy new bond girl named Bérénice Marlohe.

Not bad eh? I can already think of a few names who will be very interested in watching her, and of course a few girls who would be drooling over the edgy Daniel Craig as well XD.

Looks like I will be able to catch it next week, recently I've been quite interested in the ways that many films are being marketed digitally like how Paranorman engages behind the scene footages on their website or how Sinister uses the "have you seen him" concept.

Checking around for marketing campaigns for this film and i found a rather interesting FB concept, it basically creates an agent story for you to be featured in and with the right profile picture, it looks darn good.

Let me show you.

Apparently i am too good to be found :P

He was quite mpressed XD

The loot :) 

My fail:) 

And the girl who was impressed

The concept might be the same but the execution is slightly different, creating story out of it and turning it into a trailer for anyone. :) Give it a try k? :P.

The ‘Crack the Case’ online challenge ( is more interestng and requires a little bit more effort by showing an entire interaction clip where you need to close or choose and opton. It's certain something fun to play with as you wait for the premiere here in Malaysia :)

On top of that, be sure to participate in exciting Bond Nights held in selected Heineken flagship outlets and stand a chance to win exclusive James Bond merchandise and movie passes when you purchase a bucket or 5 pints of Heineken.

The new SKYFALL movie premieres on 30 October in Malaysia. For more information on how to win movie passes and exclusive merchandises, spy the Heineken’s Facebook page or Twitter today.

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