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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guinness Malaysia's Arthur's Day 2012 at Sunway Giza, Beer Factory A Celebration "Made Of More"

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It was the chant that was know by many, to celebrate the greatness of one man Sir Arthur Guinness- the founder of brewing Guinness and the establishment of the Guinness Brewery.

With celebrations running all around the world in a series of sensational music events, Malaysia once again picks up the baton and organizes yet another remarkable and exciting day. The uniqueness of this year's event was the location, divided to 3 different locations, Beer Factory, Laundry, and SOuled out each with it's own set of amazing and talented performers ready to bring the skies down that night.

All 3 locations received astounding attendance and each of the artists performed and entertained the crowd at their specific places :). 

I headed down to Sunway Giza, Beer Factory because it's just ten minutes walk away from my humble domain and much to my delight the spacious concourse of Giza was already flooded with Guinness lovers and enthusiasts. With the sound of many merry men, the songs took them all for a great celebration night, with acts for Rhythm nation, Once upon a time there was a sausage name bob, and of course the Hong Kong Superstar rapper Mr Justin Lo, who was a star attraction to many present that day :). Scream of joy and sing along songs were heard across the find dome of Sunway Giza.

Arrived just in time to hear the screams of the many fans of Justine Lo. He sang some of his most popular songs to the crowd and was received with great warmth. Fans were able to sing along with him the whole time, even when it comes down to the serene rapping that he is so good with. Fans were ecstatic to see him so up close and joyful smiles were everywhere with a cup of Guinness in hand of course!

After his performance, the crowd went back to their places and start to drink the night away, Jumping Jack began the rest of the night with some cool beats and gave everyone another reason to celebrate.

We snatched up some tables and made ourselves comfortable and was soon drinking it away, Guinness after Guinness, of course snapping photos was part of the agenda along with chit chatting and a good time.

The people at Beer Factory was being super awesome as usual, i've been here a few times and they are really an energetic bunch of people and sure show you that they can work and play at the same time too!

The night kept going and Mr Fluff came on and will be going to rock the fans of Giza down!


Everyone was having a great time taking in the sick beats that Mr Fluff drops the rest of the night, it was a really good night and everyone enjoyed towards the end of the event, happy faces everywhere!

The 3 location planning was unique and sure averted the congestion issue and they managed to pull it off! Good Job.

Looking for next year's Arthur's Day for the fresh new ideas that will be presented and of course a guaranteed good time!

"To Arthur!"

Managed to bomb an unsuspecting group of guys! hahah I am so sorry for spoiling this guys! 

Gotten a pic with the man of the night Mr. Fluff himself as well!

It was a good night!

Thank you

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