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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Asahi Malaysia presents: Club Asahi Stormed Butter Factory Tokyo Style with DJ Shinichi Osawa, CyberJapan Dancers and lots of Asahi Premium Beer!

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It wasn't Godzilla who stormed Butter Factory on a happenign Thursday night, it was the lovely crowd of Asahi lovers, gorgeous cyberjapan dancers, pretty air stewardess and the electrifying DJ Shinichi Osawa.

People poured in for the happy hour moods and stayed the unforgettable night, the place was packed with clubbers and chillers as well. It got a bit crowded but all was good after a few bottles of Asahi :)

Carlsberg's Managing Director Soren and Communications manager, Jude was spotted with their happiest faces around the club, managed to snap some pics of them and of course the Asahi Stewardess all in Shiny Silver! :)

Back inside the Butter Factory, everyone were feeling a more into it as Bass Agents came on and start to tease the crowd of the coming music for the night! Filled with lovely visual arts on the back screen. It was a good combination of sights and sounds!

The night was still young but people were already starting to groove in to the hyped up vibe, the CyberJapan Dancers came in and people begun to crowd closer for the better view too!

As soon as DJ Shinichi spun his set, the crowd went into a trancing mood, drinking Asahi and letting go like a weekend party! DJ Shinichi was just soooo awesome

Even the bar tenders were super nice and happy to serve us! Thanks guys! Appreciate it soooo much!

Amidst the awesome partying, people were still more than ready to have a quick snap to remember the night! It was fun and enjoyable till the end!

Managed to lock down on these two handsome men for a photo as well! haha these guys always know how to party!

This very photogenic couple as well! hahah :)

It was an electrfying night for good clubbing and a place to just drink up some Asahi and enjoy the night, even if there was work the next morning many actually stayed on because they were having such good a time. 

Thank you Asahi Malaysia for bringing Club Asahi to us, certainly looking for to the next one!!!

Try not to be late or else you will sad like this poor fella here, he missed out on a lot!

More photos here!

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