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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Night of Awesome Asahi and Company by Asahi Malaysia and Nuffnang :)

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I arrived at Teeq @ Lot 10 at around 7-ish, it was the first time for me being in Lot 10 as i always picture Lot 10 to be a run downed old mall. I guess I was proven wrong ei? :P

So I was immediately greeted by the Asahi Malaysia brand manager Calvin Ho and Nuffnang's community relations office Darren, Emelia and also Jamie as well.

Asahi Malaysia wanted to have personal get to know sessions with the bloggers over a nice quiet evening drowned by the premium super Dry Asahi :). Let It Flow as their slogan suggests, we had no trouble consuming the awesome Asahi which is one of my more preferred beer brands due to it's Japanese origin and taste. HAHA, I am a sucker for Jap products!

This shot was taken from 
It didn't take long for us to get acquainted and soon everyone was in a chitty chatty mood, food was served and it was pretty good as well. Up to this level, everyone had quite a fair share of Asahi and food. Work and age seemed to be some of the main topics of conversation.

Jokes were being thrown around and Calvin decided to play a little "goldfish" prank on Sharon from . asked her to place two thumbs on the table and he then droped a glass of Asahi on it so that she cant move else the glass will fall and break :P.

It was all just good fun and laughter, getting to know everyone a little bit more, Asahi Malaysia and Calvin showed great hospitality and I would like to thank them for that! :P.

Of course, Darren did a bit of a magic trick too!

 Emelia, Darren (with Salad) and Sharon

Emelia, Darren (without Salad) and Sharon


Since it was Octoberfest as well, we were asked to participate in a drinking competition. Participants need to finish one litre of beer and the fastest to finish wins a prize. I managed to whack 3/4 of it but the Asahi's I had early really bloated me up :P

It was a very good evening and I managed to snap a really fat picture of myself with Queenie from to end the night :)

Thanks Asahi Malaysia and Nuffnang Malaysia for the great evening :). 

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Henry Lee said...

hot chicks spotted! LOL at the salad! :P

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