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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tripping in Taiwan: The Interesting Rock Formations of Yehliu Geopark


I've decided to not do chronological blog posts of my trip to Taiwan. Instead, it will be random and I will try to be as interesting as I can :).

But since this is my first of many, just an update of my trip. I went to Taipei,Taiwan from 30th Aug to 2nd Sep 2012 and it was my first trip overseas ( did not even visit to Singapore)

You can say that I was like a Jakun ( someone who gets excited over the smallest things), forgive me for that!

Visited this interesting place on the second day of our trip, 31st August. It was past noon and after lunch we headed to the Yehliu Geopark, the weather was a cloudless sky and plenty of sunshine that does not do to well on the most of us.

I too was feeling quite hot but somehow was not that big of an issue for me being under direct sunlight for a long amount of time, I did sweat buckets though.

I should have done more research about the place as I found myself to have missed many of it's remarkable mentions that was written all over the web. Here is a brief description from their website .

"The total distance measured from the entrance of the Yehliu Geopark to the end of the cape is about 1.7 km; the widest area in between is shorter than 300 m.

The distance measured from Yehliu Stop at Jijin Highway to the end of the cape is about 2.4km. The rock landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world.

The costal line is stretching in a direction vertical to the layer and the structure line; besides, the influences caused by wave attack, rock weathering, earth movement and crustal movement all contribute to the formation of such a rare and stunning geological landscape."

Here is a panaromic view of the place from wikipedia
Even with this picture I already regretted not appreciating it fully T.T. I really suck at travelling. 

No idea what this statue signifies but when there is a statue, u need to snap a pic of it. its the rules!

 Upon walking to the open rock formations, you can already see the cloud skies and imagine the heat that the sun emits to us. Skins were burnt and sweat was shed but it didn't really bother me as I was already quite dark and use to extreme sun exposure. :P

 Looking back you could see the Small Ocean Park at the far end along with the rocky mountain in the background, standing on this point I was surrounded by land ,sea and sky openly. The water erosion on the rocks were clear and random but form rather interesting patterns and craters that either house water or form deadly ravines. 

 The rocks closer to the sea has the most unusual shapes mostly due to the inconsistent splashes of waves, one could easily slip and get his butt stuck in one of those holes. 

The place stretches really far, about 1.4 km and it feels like a huge dessert when you visit in the afternoon sun. I could imagine that it will quite eerie if you visit it in the night time though. 

 Flocked with other tourists, it seems to be one of the favorite pick for all the tourism agency but I can see why as it is regarded as one of the wonders of the world as well, not top ranked but wonder nonetheless.

 I am also very curious as to how the greenery manage to grow in these devilish landscapes, wasn't sure if it was artificial. It would be pretty advance artificial tech if it was though so I guess it's just one of the many amazing moments of mother nature!

 A series of mushrooms that would look really ghastly in the evening and nightfall. Most of these were damaged by wind erosion over thousands of years.

 Can you spot the tiny something in this pic?

 We think it's a puffer fish but we couldn't go down at check it out cause it was quite far :(.

Dropping down one of these would not be a happy ending. 

Some of the rocks were actually quite gigantic, attempting to climb it would be both cool and stupid. 

This is named the Queen's Rock, I think i failed to capture the right angle that really looks like the queen. I blame the crowd for flocking it! In another 15 years this rock will break!

 You can make a cradle out of this one and lullaby yourself to sleep!

 Shaped like a hand reaching out to something, no?

My personal favorite the duck  Dragon's head, it's quite amazing that it actually forms into something to easily recognizable.

It was a 45 minute visit and walking to the rock formations already took 10 mins, so I did not have to climb further up one of the hills to see the other side and I regretted it, this is the result of not checking out the places that were included in the tour, if only i knew that this was such a great place, I would have put a lot more attention into it! :(

My colleagues were enjoying the location as well, despite complaining about the heat. Cheeky fellas!

 They actually quite happy wan, don't ask me why they are up there and I am down here okay?

 Some people just want to see the world burn.

A happy Quin right there! hahah. 

I also managed to snap a pic of this young lady when I was photographing the ocean scene, she was standing at the perfect spot so i snapped it. Thank you whoever you are! It was a good shot!

So after all this we were happy to be making our way back to the bus! hahaha but honestly i think missed out a fair bit on this tourist spot. Hope I can come back in the next few years to fully experience it!

Till the next Taiwan travel posts! See ya!


missyblurkit said...

Awesome company trip! Lucky you!

michleong said...

Nice pictures! I haven't been to Singapore also. lol

Xue Ren said...

wow! nice scenery!! :)

Happy walker said...

great trip u got~

Ken Wooi said...

Oh Taiwan, when will I ever set foot on you.
But I don't know Mandarin, susah abit hor?

Anyway, nice photos! Interesting rock formation. :)

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