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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The release of the iPhone5


After much hype and anticipation, Apple finally announced their latest flagship mobile device and it will be named iPhone 5. 

Not much of surprise to the naming as globally everyone already assumed that would be it's name.

So we are now looking at a bigger,smarter, faster and a much more unique phone. As the buzz generated by the announce was deafening on the twitter sphere, I tried my best to lower the skepticism I have for the new device.

It was only available as a Live blog updated on a few popular tech sites and Live streaming was not available but twitter was handsomely providing an almost identical experience.

It started with the traditional boasting of market sales just like any other brand with the highlight being Ipads market sales that far out weighs other tablets.

"What are the other tablets doing?" said Tim Cook. (Quite a statement here, not really fond of this)

Moving on when the time of unveiling for the new iPhone5, I was thrown with words such as new designs, thinnest yet, better speed, ultra wireless connectivity and the infamous LTE. All which were way too familiar. 

Here is a sum up of what the new iPhone5 is all about.

One specific thing that was mentioned was that the iPhone5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world at this very moment.

Here is the thing about Apple and their Fans alike, I am sure 7.6mm is quite and achievement but overlooking the fact that there are actually at least 2 other smartphones in the market that is thinner shows how much respect you have for your consumers.

Edit: This was then later corrected to be "thinnest iPhone ever" on their site.

Huawei Ascend P1s is 6.7mm thick and Droid Razr of Motorola is 7.1mm thick, you can argue all you want on how these two might not win iPhone on a specs basis but no doubt naming it the thinnest is just bad taste for your own brand even IF it IS common practice to up sell your product but don't do it when ure this big a brand.

Back to the design, it certainly showed some tweaks here and there so we could be looking at an iPhone that can be easily distinguish from it's predecessors unlike the notorious Iphone4 and 4s.

The statement about being the lightest is quite acceptable because it weights at 112 gram.

Ah-yes, the Retina display, the creme of the apple products. Quite sure the 4 inch will be working wonders for their future users.

Beautifully designed to be perfect for your palm is the main key point here, a 4 inch screens on  smartphonesis quite common in the market so I don't thinkt here is much to yell about especially just only last year when the iPhone 4s was announced with a 3.5inch screen every iPhone lover was saying how it was PERFECT.

No doubt you will be having a brand new mobile entertainment experience with this new size. (Applicable only to existing Iphone users or Blackberry users and the minority users of smaller smartphones)

Supporting up to 150mbps of wireless connection is definitely something that I like to hear, this means much faster browsing, downloading and of course the on going stalking of facebook friends.

Powered with a LTE compatibility feature, this fast connection will sure benefit everyone that gets it.

The only main concern is how many network providers or internet wifi supports or sends out this much speed? Certainly not the Malaysian market at the very least.

But looking into the future, it does give a lot of hope for the fastest mobile internet experience. *patiently waits for that day to come* *cockstares at Digi*

Twice as fast as the A5 Chip, are we safe to assume that this is a quad core processor? I think it's about 90% safe, but will it be able to promise what it says?

Almost instant launch of apps and games, extended battery life and smoother more fluid phone usage are among the things promised for the iPhone5 with powerful A6 chip.

Considering Ios is one of the smoothest operating system around, this is quite a safe statement.

Last but not least, the heroic iOS is now turning 6, all improved UI and smooth sailing with this new iOS, iCalender revamps and maps that seem to deliver a lot to heavy graphics.

Mobile operating systems are quite unpredictable which is the same case with the iOS 6 so we will just have to leave it to Apple to show us more on this new OS .

My Final Thoughts:

After the brief walk through, it's safe to say that the iPhone5 is certainly disappointing  to many including myself. 

Going as far as to tell the fan boys to weep as well.

There are several things in the new iPhone5 that got my interest but I am skeptical about it's development, the one that caught my attention the most was the fast internet connection. How would Apple further enhance this new tech and further improve our internet prowess? 

Well, only if you follow and be an Apple user will you actually be able to experience it (which is what I dislike about apple, pretty selfish in the digital age)

All in all, haters will hate and people who love Apple whether they know why or not is still going to get it even if they already have an iPhone4s.

I believe the most interesting tweet comes in this form if not the same,

"The new #iPhone5 is quite disappointing but I am still going to get it anyway"- most are already iphone4 or 4s users.

So who should buy this?
- I guess it's the Apple fans, the older generations who does not want to fuss over catching up with new apps so often aaand those who are using iPhone3GS or lower. 
-Not recommended if you have iPhone4 or 4s but it's not like you will stop anywayz thought :P.

So good luck to Apple once again for another year of mobile race and I am going to wait a year or more for you to try and impress me again and perhaps try to change the world to be a better community rather den isolating and creating your own ecosystem. 

The last thing we need is a digital war between mobile products.

More info here:(there is a video too)


Ken Wooi said...

Hmm.. what about those who have never owned an iPhone before? Get or not get? :)

Unknown said...

go buy china phone xiaomi 2 better Zzz

Cutebun said...

Hmm so it's not that impressive anyway. ==

benjaminvai said...

@ken wooi, since there is nothing to really shout about, it goes back down to your own preference. You probably need another month or so to decide. There are really a lot of choice now

@jackie, I think that is a better option

@sherrie, yeap nth to shout about

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