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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Celcom Cupcake Challenge Finale 2012 at Publika Dutamas with Results


As some of you have known that the Celcom Cupcake Challenge received about 700 entries for it's contest, many desserts enthusiasts joined and 100 were selected for this first ever cupcake challenge by Celcom.

The finale was set at the Red Zone of Publika, where the 100 top most liked contestants will get a chance at winning the grand prize of RM 10,000 cash prize + A Samsung Galaxy S3

Last month, members of the media and blogger group had a chance to experience a simple cupcake making session first hand! And here was the post !

Fast forward to today, an event was held at Publika.

The contestants were all pumped up and ready to start the cupcake architectures :)

Seeing some pretty impressive work and creativity from the finalists, colorful, vibrant and cute as well.

Just like this girl below, so young yet she has such a focused mine to make the best cupcake in her own capacity.

Of course, the crowds weren't being left out of such an event, so Celcom decided to dish out 1000 free cupcakes to anyone who has a sweet tooth for desserts :)

Dancers were asked to give a performance as well, and the masterchef Dato' Fadli stunned the crowd with his vocal performance too!

The judges were a trio of excellent masterchefs who brimmed in both presence and smiles alike

Of course, creativity wasn't the only thing that was judged for this cupcake challenge, to sweeten the already sweet challenge, the top 10 finalists was chosen and asked to present the story as to why the cupcake was decorate that way and we heard interesting stories from simple and straight forward ones to ones that could actually bring upon a whole new level of unity amongst Malaysians! Kudos to the heart that was put into decorating and making the cupcakes!

From simple designs to extravagant ones, the cupcakes that were made were a sight!

After a very intense judging from the backstage and the judges decision were made!
The winners are:
Winner: Vincent Liew
1st runner up: Juneci Siong
2nd runner up: Mac Leong  

Everyone was happy as they had a really good time doing pastry and making some new friends along the way, it was a great campaign to unite the many Malaysian through the simple idea of making cupcakes

We look forward to more Celcome events in the future,

in the mean time

Get Baking, Malaysian!


Henry Lee said...

if only they allow new contestants for the cupcake challenge... i sure join one! :P

FurFer said...

nuuu... the cup cakes look so delicious.

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