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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hotel Transylvania Movie Review 2012


What's it about:
 Take a ride to hotel for monsters, built by the legendary Count Dracuala to help keep his daughter away from harm and for monsters to come for vacation and relax.No human comes here untill a boy name johnny and comes and sort of turn things to be a little bit different.

What I would say about it:

Adam Sandler and his regular mates acted as voices for the animated characters and Adam really did a good job as the Dracula!

It came out as a pretty decent animated film that follows a very boring but safe story line that many will be able to enjoy. 

Rather then sitting the whole time being skeptical about it because of it's animation, the film had some pretty spot on jokes but there were some misses as well.

Working on such a big premise I am actually surprise they did not gave time for the audience to know each of the unique monsters. If you are not a monster movie fan, you might not catch some of the monster behaviour very well mainly the gremlin mama

The creature designs were good and had a lot of personal touch to it, creative and smart I would say. 

The film was predictable and one lined but it still had it's engaging moments.

The soundtrack was pretty clubbish, blending in modern music for some beats. 

Colorful characters that you wanted to watch more of and good humor and some parts gave the movie a higher chance of living.

Rating: 2.5/5

"A fun family movie that reminds you of a lighter version of the Addam's Family, Kids will be more than happy to enjoy this film. Spin offs seem to be highly possible as well!


bendan said...

I will love the movie!! XD

Ken Wooi said...

I loved the movie! :D

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