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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guinness Arthur's Day 2012 Media Launch- To Arthur!


It's the 253rd Anniversary since the Guinness Brewery was first established, and with a dash of rockness and a glassful full foamy Guinness. The celebrations of Guinness Arthur's Day was well on it's way.

It's been a year since I first attended a Guinness event, splendid and full of Pure Black and Gold one will expect a crowd of happy joyful people when it comes to celebrations.

Arthur Guiness would be smiling in the heavens admiring the joyful faces that Guinness is bringing to the world today. There are some men that would be remembered thought out millenniums and Arthus is certainly on his way to one of that slot.

Guinness girls are always dressed with such style at these events, I personally like the design of their dress.

The Guinness color theme is one of my favorite as well :).

The media and partners pour in to Studio Lounge @ Tropicana City Mall, it was a guaranteed great evening for everyone after work.

Officially launched with the symbolic cheer of "To Arthur" while raising the glass high up and taking a big sip forming the iconic Guinness Mustache is always one of the highlight :).

Just like last year's "arThursday Talent Search" Local Acts will be battling it out at various locations selected to celebrate Arthur's Day every ArTHURSday (pun intended), They will be winning the hearts of pub goers and Guinness lovers for a chance to be the opening act for CREED at the Indonesia's Arthur's Day celebration! A chance of a lifetime that will sky rocket they love for rock and their future i must say!

The night continued with massive rock vibes from the competing bands for a preview of their shows for the coming weeks!

Rhythm Nation




Car Crash Hearts

Once Upon a Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob

The local acts performing will be Underheadlights, Car Crash Hearts, Once Upon a Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob, Rhythm Nation, SonaOne, and Busco. So remember to head on to these locations for an awesome good time and remember to vote for your favorite!

Here are their Facebook pages!

To top it all for an Arthur's Day to remember here are some exclusive merchandise and promotions throughout the month.

Arthur's Day 2012 promotions (Everyday) over 11000 bars and pub nationwide starting 1st Sept - 30th Sept 2012.
-Buy 1 bucket of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or 4 glasses of Guinness Draught and get an exclusive Guinness Arthur's Day Pen. There are 3 designs available.

arThursday promotions (Every Thursday)
-Guinness will be hosting arThursday over 600 parties at more than 175 selected outlets starting 1st Sept - 30th Sept 2012. Evnjoy Guinness at a special price every Thursday in the month of September.

Ben from Fluid Academy was here to teach us the finer ways to serve a pint of awesome Guinness, foamy and ready :)
The finale?

Themed "A Celebration Made Of More", inspired by Arthur Guinness' bold legacies, Guinness fans and music lovers this year will have 3 unique music events taking place simultaneously, citywide on 28th September 2012. As per my understanding, it will be more than just a music celebration this year as they give music lovers an evening of live music spanning over 5 hours in 3 separate locations around Kuala Lumpur. 

I think I had too much of an awesome time that i didn't want to waste time taking this pic. haha Wanted more Guinness and listening to the bands performing!

See you at the Finale celebrations!g


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To BENJAMIN! haha... I tak kenal Arthur lah.. I only know Ben! :D

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