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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glenmorangie's Orange Eclectic Pulse feat. DJ Miss Yellow at Stage KL, Avenue K

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The biggest Glenmorangie party of the year was set to bring the house down with The sensational DJ Miss Yellow all the way from Hong Kong, zooming in on one of the hottest new clubs in town, Stage KL at Avenue K. Lovers of the Glenmorangie Single Malt ended September with a huge bang and a great night. 

As the crowd slowly filled the floors and table that were prepared for them, each with their own bottle of the "Unnecessary well made" Glenmorangie bottle! Everyone was kinda weak as the night was only beginning, but soon started to warm up to the cozy environment of the club. 

The resident DJ was spinning some warm up tracks as many more people started coming and soon the whole place full.

MC of the night kick started with giving away 2 bottles of Glenmorangie to who ever that got up to the stage with something orange, two lovely ladies got it and the night was blasted off!

DJ Miss Yellow got the crowd to be more responsive after a "party is about to start" speech and in Canton as well so the crowd was all revved up for a good night.

With a mixture of mainstream pop, a spin of electro beats and a handful of k-pop mixes like the popular Gangnam style and Cray-on the crowd was in the palm of her spinning hands! XD

Kudos to Miss Yellow's efficient timing of different beats to  further thrust the crowd and getting everyone into a whole different zone, and hence forth shall be know as the Glenmorangie Zone, LOL. 

Spinning through the night, the sets got the crowd into a happy groove :). 

The cute and cool DJ Miss Yellow was more than happy to bring a smile to the camera enjoying the crowds of Glenmorangie very much as well! :)

Glenmorangie's Orange Eclectic Pulse finally decided to stopped around 4pm, and the crowd slowly disperse only to be making plans for the usual mamak sessions :)

A little souvenir from Glenmorangie for us. Isaac and I here before the party begun. 

If you want to be the first to know about future Glenmorangie events like their page now!

More event picture here!

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