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Monday, September 10, 2012

Celcom proudly brings you The Celcom Cupcake Challenge!

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In celebration to the just launched Celcom Cupcake challenge, the Celcom Axiata Berhad invited many members of the media and bloggers to join in on a cupcake workshop to get them some first hand  simple steps to making Cupcakes :).

"The Cupcake challenge contest is a very simple one where you need only to submit your creative cupcake designs to their facebook page.

The contest will be available to all Malaysians, as a chance to pour in their patriotism and creative skills on display. Facebook was used as the platform as it is one of the most preferred method of communication amongst Malaysians today.It gives the best functions to like and share the love for cupcakes and the country as well. :)"

After a brief introduction of the workshop and a little know each other session, we were quickly divided into groups of two and get down and dirty with the baking :)

I maybe a frequent cook but baking isn't one of my favorite activities, I don't really fancy sweet desserts as well. But it WOULD be a fun experience to actually participate in an actual cooking class session :P. 

Chef Rose immediately demonstrated how mixing the ingredients would require a lot of patience and consistency to prepare the right batter. I gave mine a good try but my butter was not being silky smooth and needed a little more time than usual to get it done. 

After much of breaking eggs, mising flour and pouring in sugar, our cupcakes took the form of our Malaysia flag and the other groups proved that they really have what it takes to be the next pastry chef.

Here are the products that was churned out within 2 hours, you could say that the basic cupcake making does not take long! But it does leave one heck of a mess to clean up. 

The creation from Ryan and I , don't judge because we changed design plans for about 4 times and still made it within the time! 

Ther others were much more talented than our outcome. There was also a mini judging of our creations where we voted who had the most unique creation!

Here are the winners!

Congratulations guys! Your Malaysia flag was spot on!

The workshop proved to be a very fun experience and gave us the fundamentals of baking a cupcake, also i do hope in the future I would have the tools and the time to make some again!

Thank you Celcom for this hands on experience that you would not often get!

Celcom Cupcake Challenge

The contest period will be from 30 August 2012 – 20 September 2012 23rd September 2012, all the prizes are worth up to RM100k!

With your legendary pattisiere skils I am sure many of you are dying to show off their best creativity! So Join Now!
The finale will be on 24 September 2012 so this will be the day that all pictures will be processed and the best dessert baker around will be crowned to receive great prizes!!!

Head on to for more info!

Free cupcakes on 16th September

The locations will be disclosed on the facebook fanpage so do stay tune for more amazing stuff!

"The Cupcake challenge will be one of the sweetest memory you have for your country so design the best looking cupcakes and win all those great prizes! 

For more infomation head to and the cupcakes facebook page! 

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Unknown said...

Warh gosok kasut ah haha. i think you missed out a word on this line - "Thank you Celcom for this hands on experience that you would get often!" Resident Evil: Retribution review

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