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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carlsberg brings Malaysia's Own Octoberfest 2012!

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Ah the sweet month of October never fails to amaze me with one of the biggest beer festival of the year, unlike other celebrations, the Octoberfest is an "All beer are welcome" celebration.


Dashed into the heart of the City at the Hakka Restaurant right opposite the iconic Pavillion, the launch of Octoberfest 2012 by Carlsberg was to be a unique one!

"East meets West" sprinkling in some local flavors into a well known German festival, sparked the interest of the many attendees of the night and the menu of the night were servings after servings of great beer food! XD

After a very happy speech by Soren Ravn, managing director of Carlsberg Malaysia. They officially launched October Fest with a keg popping session.

"Malaysia's Own Octoberfest 2012" is presented by Carlsberg Malaysia to enable consumers to experience first-hand the authentic German Beer drinking festival locally, which runs from Sep 26th to October 7, at 18 key market squares throughout the cities. Even to East Malaysia.

So if you are walking down the streets of the city and see a celebration for Octoberfest by Carlsberg, head on in and have a great time with great friendly company! :)

A presentation of the popular chicken dance by Soren and his board themselves, it was pretty cute watching them do it repetitively for 3 minutes. :P

The beautiful finalists of the Miss Malaysia 2013 dropped by for some lovely photo op and a good time experiencing the German beer festival too!

Crashing at the end of the party was Malaysia's number 1 beat boxer Shawn Lee and Carlsberg's very own Soren giving his raptitude to success and pure awesome entertainment. These Carlsberg guys know how to have a good time!

After a while, this was the only thing that directed me through the awesome crowd of dancing and cheering folks!

A little pictures of the ladies that I bumped into.

Wilee and Jane

Vivian, Kate and Fat Ben

There was also a booth at the back that let's you play a really annoying game call " drunk man" for apple products. 

Took me about 20 mins to pass the qualifying mark to get a free Breathalyzer 

thx for the picture
Yay to me!

Malaysia's Own Octoberfest 2012" aims to bring people together to enjoy Malaysia's favorite beer- Carlsberg and savour authentic German cuisine, dance to Bavarian music and let Carlsberg Malaysia be your host to a party you don't have to fly to Germany to experience!

Sounds good?

Then what are you waiting for!? See you at the next venue!

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