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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bait 3D Movie Review 2012

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What's it about:
A random Tsunami kick starts the movie in style, swallowing the entire beach side along with a supermarket nearby, killing many by drowning and accidental deaths.

A group of survivors who are now trapped inside the supermarket with the water slowly rising must not find a way to escape but swimming isn't an option because there is something else that got swept in with the sea water.

What I would say about it:

Circling around a premise where you have trapped victims that face drowning and being eaten by shark isn't something creative or even original.

There were too many characters being introduced in the movie, a heart broken couple, a thieving gf + a good guy bf, A cop father, a pair of thugs with one being forced to rob the super market, some supermarket employees and a blond couple and their Pomeranian who miraculously survived the whole thing. The most dysfunctional character in one place but apparently they are quite smart when it comes to Great white Sharks

As the movie moves forward, you will start to realize are all these people necessary? Who are all these people? Why don't i know anything about them at all? 

Den you start to wonder, how the hell would they accurately guessed that it was a 12 feet great white shark circling around them, how come the two asians, a latino guard + the real crazy bad guy dies? I didn't even feel sorry for them. Their deaths weren't even thrilling. 

*chomp* Shark shaking with meat around* next scene.

Amazingly, they managed to chuck 2 love stories and a family moral story into this. So many things left unexplained, unrefined and neglected. 

Why would the supermarket be flooded if they were on flat grown, some may argue that it was an underground supermarket by the beach which seems like a very ugly way to sum it up. 

The actors showed little emotion about imminent death and seem confident that they wont die, jumping in and out of the water like a kiddy pool -_-. 

If you really want to watch this i suggest to download it and the 3D is not even there!

Here is the most epic scene of the whole movie that left everyone face palming.
The shark had no chance with a waterproof shotgun, and trust me the scene before this picture was more epic.

Rating: 0.5/5 (they had nice gore props*

"It's about time you spend sometime at home with your family instead of watching this heroic film about killing sharks,this genre is gone ady!"

1 comment :

FBS Headmaster said...

haha decent shark movie lo. I really like the idea about the tsunami and how they are trapped in the supermarket with sharks, at least that is totally different from how they normally get trapped with sharks somewhere in the middle of the sea.

I do agree that there is just too much unknown about most of the characters and didnt really play much with emotions but what is quite sad is that there's no element of suspense and thrill for such genre.

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