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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Celcom Cupcake Challenge Finale 2012 at Publika Dutamas with Results


As some of you have known that the Celcom Cupcake Challenge received about 700 entries for it's contest, many desserts enthusiasts joined and 100 were selected for this first ever cupcake challenge by Celcom.

The finale was set at the Red Zone of Publika, where the 100 top most liked contestants will get a chance at winning the grand prize of RM 10,000 cash prize + A Samsung Galaxy S3

Last month, members of the media and blogger group had a chance to experience a simple cupcake making session first hand! And here was the post !

Fast forward to today, an event was held at Publika.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carlsberg brings Malaysia's Own Octoberfest 2012!

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Ah the sweet month of October never fails to amaze me with one of the biggest beer festival of the year, unlike other celebrations, the Octoberfest is an "All beer are welcome" celebration.


Dashed into the heart of the City at the Hakka Restaurant right opposite the iconic Pavillion, the launch of Octoberfest 2012 by Carlsberg was to be a unique one!

"East meets West" sprinkling in some local flavors into a well known German festival, sparked the interest of the many attendees of the night and the menu of the night were servings after servings of great beer food! XD

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hotel Transylvania Movie Review 2012


What's it about:
 Take a ride to hotel for monsters, built by the legendary Count Dracuala to help keep his daughter away from harm and for monsters to come for vacation and relax.No human comes here untill a boy name johnny and comes and sort of turn things to be a little bit different.

What I would say about it:

Adam Sandler and his regular mates acted as voices for the animated characters and Adam really did a good job as the Dracula!

It came out as a pretty decent animated film that follows a very boring but safe story line that many will be able to enjoy. 

Rather then sitting the whole time being skeptical about it because of it's animation, the film had some pretty spot on jokes but there were some misses as well.

Working on such a big premise I am actually surprise they did not gave time for the audience to know each of the unique monsters. If you are not a monster movie fan, you might not catch some of the monster behaviour very well mainly the gremlin mama

The creature designs were good and had a lot of personal touch to it, creative and smart I would say. 

The film was predictable and one lined but it still had it's engaging moments.

The soundtrack was pretty clubbish, blending in modern music for some beats. 

Colorful characters that you wanted to watch more of and good humor and some parts gave the movie a higher chance of living.

Rating: 2.5/5

"A fun family movie that reminds you of a lighter version of the Addam's Family, Kids will be more than happy to enjoy this film. Spin offs seem to be highly possible as well!

Tokyo Storms Kuala Lumpur At Club Asahi's Take Off Party thanks to Asahi Malaysia

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When I first spotted the title it already blew me away, as many of you already know that my main weakness is this epic Japan fan boy inside of me always screaming and shouting over anything that is made in Japan or coming from Japan. (This includes almost anything Japan)

Super thrilled over this event, with the serving of Asahi Super Dry guaranteed.

I was already waiting for next week to come faster! Here is how the poster looks like in conjunction with the event.

Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 beer worldwide gears up to hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur by bringing Japan’s finest here.

With a superb run since its launch, Asahi Super Dry raises the bar again and takes it up a notch by introducing its latest offering, Club Asahi. 

Leading the clubbing scene into the next dimension, Club Asahi is pulling out all the stops and offering clubbers a new, unique platform to be entertained, be inspired and be in the forefront in igniting endless possibilities.

Through Club Asahi Tokyo, party goers can expect to be blown away with show-stopping acts the likes of Japan’s No.1 DJ, all-girl dance troupe sensation, and other phenomenal elements that are guaranteed to keep party buffs on their toes.

Headlining the first instalment of Club Asahi is Japan’s top DJ, Shinichi Osawa. Reigning in the clubbing scene for over 10 years now, Osawa provides a hypnotic array of electro, house and techno beats. In 2009 Shinichi's 'The One' album sold over 150,000 units in Japan and was subsequently released in Europe by Southern Fried Records. One of the most sought after DJs of the 21st century, the electro wizard is geared to challenge punters to an insane beats-fest that will have them heaving on the dance floor.

Joining Shinichi on stage are the infamous CyberJapan Dancers.

Made up of fire dancers, pole dancers and a host of other flexible pirouette moves, the extravagant troupe entertains fans with their fancy footwork and sultry moves. A sensational showmanship of spins and shimmies, these ladies have busted moves with international well-known artists such as Tim Deluxe, Pete Tong and many others.

These girls seem very scary to me, what the heck is a fire dance @.@. 

Malaysia on the other hand will be represented by the notorious Bass Agents and B.A.T.E. The double acts’ raw energy and show-stealing fists-in-the-air sets is not by accident. Proving to be real masters in what they do, they have since written a new chapter in the Bass Agents trajectory amassing several self-produced releases to push their unique sound forward.

Club Asahi event takes place at the Butterfactory, KL on October 4, from 8.30pm onwards

So remember to head on to for more info

and I will see you there!

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, massage on the go

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Stiff Shoulders are annoying

When was the last time you receive a shoulder massage?

Do you remember the time when you couldn't turn to speak to your colleagues because of your stiff neck and shoulders?

How about the time when you sat at your office desk for a good 8 hours and felt like one of those cartoon anvils weighing on your shoulders?

Stiff? Sore? Or just stressed out?

If you are going to get some work done! Melt away the tension and stress in your neck and shoulders so that you can perform your best

Get the best and quick relief for your stressed and tired neck and shoulder muscles and you will be cruising through your everyday lifestyle faster than ever! With a smiling face too!

The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost is your perfect buddy on-the-go with a more than a few reasons to that statement.

Quick Relief 
Like the fast tiger 
If you are going to fix up those sore spots then you best be using the fastest way possible because time waits for no man and the longer it stays sore the longer you will need to bear with it and that will ultimately drain you of any motivation to work for the rest of the day!

Save some water too! 
Tired of always looking for a tap or a piece of tissue paper to wipe off the anti-sore creams that you apply sometimes? Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub uses a non-greasy cream that helps you save a lot of time and keeps you going because you don’t even need to walk away from your comfort zone! 

Soothing Fragrance
Soothing and calming 

A soothing fragrance works like a charm, an aromatic experience to give you and extra boost to your already relieved neck & shoulder. Wouldn’t you rather be working in a fragranced work spot rather that stuffy smell that the office carpet makes? It could even be a fart from a fellow colleague. J

So if you ever have any sore neck and shoulders and require some quick aid, I recommend looking for the Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub and giving it a try!

I have applied it now and feeling great about it! 

Stock Up Now

The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub comes in a compact tube so you can keep it anywhere you like, put one on your desk and another in your car whilst keeping another two at home! neck and shoulder aches will be a thing of the past!

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub and Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub BOOST are available at all leading pharmacies!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Win a "PIMP YOUR RIDE" session from Whatchuwant! ONE DAY ONLY!

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Pick a pack to grab Whatchuwant 

If you haven’t heard of Whatchuwant, now is the time to find out because awesome gadget prizes worth RM10,000 are waiting to be grabbed daily.

And for TODAYonly, you could also get the chance to pimp your ride. That’s right, we’ll take your ride and pimp it up so that you’ll be the envy of all your friends. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed about your ride, this is the perfect chance for you to give it a whole new makeover. 

You’ll go from experiencing shame to fame!
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So What Are You Waiting For?Take Your Pick Now!

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Don’t miss your chance to get your ride all pimped up or bring home gadgets worth RM10,000. Dial *128# now to get Whatchuwant!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bait 3D Movie Review 2012

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What's it about:
A random Tsunami kick starts the movie in style, swallowing the entire beach side along with a supermarket nearby, killing many by drowning and accidental deaths.

A group of survivors who are now trapped inside the supermarket with the water slowly rising must not find a way to escape but swimming isn't an option because there is something else that got swept in with the sea water.

What I would say about it:

Circling around a premise where you have trapped victims that face drowning and being eaten by shark isn't something creative or even original.

There were too many characters being introduced in the movie, a heart broken couple, a thieving gf + a good guy bf, A cop father, a pair of thugs with one being forced to rob the super market, some supermarket employees and a blond couple and their Pomeranian who miraculously survived the whole thing. The most dysfunctional character in one place but apparently they are quite smart when it comes to Great white Sharks

As the movie moves forward, you will start to realize are all these people necessary? Who are all these people? Why don't i know anything about them at all? 

Den you start to wonder, how the hell would they accurately guessed that it was a 12 feet great white shark circling around them, how come the two asians, a latino guard + the real crazy bad guy dies? I didn't even feel sorry for them. Their deaths weren't even thrilling. 

*chomp* Shark shaking with meat around* next scene.

Amazingly, they managed to chuck 2 love stories and a family moral story into this. So many things left unexplained, unrefined and neglected. 

Why would the supermarket be flooded if they were on flat grown, some may argue that it was an underground supermarket by the beach which seems like a very ugly way to sum it up. 

The actors showed little emotion about imminent death and seem confident that they wont die, jumping in and out of the water like a kiddy pool -_-. 

If you really want to watch this i suggest to download it and the 3D is not even there!

Here is the most epic scene of the whole movie that left everyone face palming.
The shark had no chance with a waterproof shotgun, and trust me the scene before this picture was more epic.

Rating: 0.5/5 (they had nice gore props*

"It's about time you spend sometime at home with your family instead of watching this heroic film about killing sharks,this genre is gone ady!"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guinness Arthur's Day 2012 Media Launch- To Arthur!


It's the 253rd Anniversary since the Guinness Brewery was first established, and with a dash of rockness and a glassful full foamy Guinness. The celebrations of Guinness Arthur's Day was well on it's way.

It's been a year since I first attended a Guinness event, splendid and full of Pure Black and Gold one will expect a crowd of happy joyful people when it comes to celebrations.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting The Groove On at the Hennessy Artistry 2nd Installment of 2012 Kenanga Wholesale City


Let's start off the post with a picture of me and ma girl posing in front of the massive Hennessy logo at the reception lounge. Dressed up and ready for a night of partying, this is to be Hennessy's 2nd installment of the ever popular major parties of the year!

Grouped up and ready to rock we met up with the rest of the bloggers and spread a round chilling at the reception lounge and each having a Hennessy long drink to start the night. Just like the previous parties, the lounge was decorated with red and black which is the color of Hennessy Artistry :)

The release of the iPhone5


After much hype and anticipation, Apple finally announced their latest flagship mobile device and it will be named iPhone 5. 

Not much of surprise to the naming as globally everyone already assumed that would be it's name.

So we are now looking at a bigger,smarter, faster and a much more unique phone. As the buzz generated by the announce was deafening on the twitter sphere, I tried my best to lower the skepticism I have for the new device.

Resident Evil : Retribution 2012


What's it about:
You wake up one day to your loving family and life and suddenly a flesh eating human barges in with it's friends and tries to eat you up.

You then wake up again to find yourself in a high tech lab made to test virus on humans as biological weapons. 

Seems familiar? Resident Evil : Retribution revisits the other 4 franchise and brought into one film that had most of it's settings and the return of their characters in proper game character costumes. 

See Alice run around trying to escape the facility once again while being hunted down by humans and virus infected humans sent by the dreaded Red Queen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Celcom proudly brings you The Celcom Cupcake Challenge!

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In celebration to the just launched Celcom Cupcake challenge, the Celcom Axiata Berhad invited many members of the media and bloggers to join in on a cupcake workshop to get them some first hand  simple steps to making Cupcakes :).

"The Cupcake challenge contest is a very simple one where you need only to submit your creative cupcake designs to their facebook page.

The contest will be available to all Malaysians, as a chance to pour in their patriotism and creative skills on display. Facebook was used as the platform as it is one of the most preferred method of communication amongst Malaysians today.It gives the best functions to like and share the love for cupcakes and the country as well. :)"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are you ready to grab WHATCHUWANT?

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Whatchuwant? You’ll Get It! 

Whatchuwant is back, bigger and better than before! If you gotWhatchuwant before, you’ll be glad to know that you can get even more!

Be it more Facebook updates, tweets and Youtube.With the new Whatchuwant, you can pick up to 6 customized packs for great savings on surfing, talking, texting and having more fun. 

It also gets you all of the following awesome gadgets DAILY 

Equal FC crowned Malaysia’s Tiger Street Football champion

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Tiger Street Football is a multi-stop international street football tournament that features a unique oval caged pitch with no sidelines and a dynamic and continuous state of play. With a fast-paced 5-a-side format consisting of two 6-minute halves and a 2-minute halftime period, Tiger Street Football promises to be an adrenaline-filled game for players.

In its second year, fans passionate about the game will be treated to an exciting campaign comprising local Tiger Street Football competitions in five countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Tiger Street Football kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand, in March and will be followed by stops in Singapore, Guangzhou, China, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Grand Finals will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Malaysian pledge, the celebration of Teh Tarik.

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I think it's pretty safe to say that all of us have drank Teh Tarik at least once in our lives, surprisingly it's origin may not be from Malaysia but it has been absorbed into our culture and we have successfully made it into a drink like no other. 

Using the finest Lipton tea blended with the right amount of condensed milk and poured repeatedly from one container to another with much accuracy and skills. The Teh Tarik is a drink that gives out a smooth creamy texture topped with the aromatic smell of tea. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tripping in Taiwan: The Interesting Rock Formations of Yehliu Geopark


I've decided to not do chronological blog posts of my trip to Taiwan. Instead, it will be random and I will try to be as interesting as I can :).

But since this is my first of many, just an update of my trip. I went to Taipei,Taiwan from 30th Aug to 2nd Sep 2012 and it was my first trip overseas ( did not even visit to Singapore)

You can say that I was like a Jakun ( someone who gets excited over the smallest things), forgive me for that!

Bersih 3.0 and I

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