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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Total Recall 2012


Where's my Mech?
What's it about:
A probable exact remake of the Arnold movie of the same name, Total Recall 2012 is set in a different universe where there are the oppressed and the rich. Two sides of earth and a society desperate to break through the hierarchy of rich vs poor.

Then this guy/ intel agent was mind-screwed and ended being chase by a group of the so called police forces and uncovers a whole bunch of crap and fake memories, what's real and what's not. 

Most unrealistic and annoying action scene in the movie.
What I would say about it:
Total Recall by Arnold was one of my favorite films on TV3, it was both interesting, brutal and puzzling. 

The very plot of Total Recall was the line between Reality and Fiction, leaving the audience to vouch for themselves what actually happened. (original movie)

This new one hopes to revisit the same theory behind the original movie but fails to engage the audience in the assumption cycle, where the plot was suppose to confuse the audience, the script and dialogues actually explained everything to us leaving no room to even imagine otherwise.

Let's not compare this to the original movie, 

It's got a lot of futuristic gadgets and a futuristic settings with magnetized car and stuff, it's got 2 hot babes and a hot guy, it's got a lot of action. and they have this whole reverse gravity thing. 

But everything was so narrative, i felt like i was watching cut scenes from a game, the story was re written to be so predictable that it failed many times trying to confuse you only for you to realize that they will explain it to you 10 mins later.

The actions were too unconvincing, everyone keeps falling but no one seems to suffer from immobility and when I say they keep falling ( I really mean it).

The supposedly impressive actions scenes were nothing but mere running, shooting and jumping around. A lot of huff and puff, but after the first two action scenes everything else was just the same. 

The music score was not engaging and the scene cuts and lighting were pretty bad.

Using futuristic concept gadgets are not enough to make the movie impressive or stunning, it lacks action creativity, story, flow and most of all originality to re-make a perfectly good film. 

Someone must have wondered right?

Rating: 0/5

Critic Mode:
"I am very much annoyed with the movie, it lacks engagement and fulfillment of this whole memory screw up concept. Arnold was also a more engaging and entertaining actor. You should watch the original one, it would still be entertaining now. This movie is just a money sucker, heck even the "impressive" trailer was not impressive.benjaminfoo of 

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Koh Kian Fai said...

money sucker eh ><

FBS Headmaster said...

Ohmigosh..... haha i do agree that the story and plot was too weak... Kate Beckinsale stole my heart again... so i cant say the movie was THAT bad xD

Ken Wooi said...

Wah, 0/5 - Merciless rating! :P

But honestly, I kinda enjoyed it, but not as much lah. :)

P/S: Didn't watch Arnold's version.

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