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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Bourne Legacy 2012


What's it about:
The 4th of the Bourne installments, taking a different back story to this one is the absence of Jason Bourne, the original escapist who was hunted down. The story revolves around the same conspiracy that the Jason Bourne was involved in, giving a wider perspective of the projects that were run by the government for superhuman and medical research. 

Here comes, Aaron Cross- Another "agent" who finds himself being chased down by the very people who controls him. Uncovering the bits and pieces of this conspiracy and inching towards the truth of his own.

What I would say about it:
I am still very skeptical over the need to continue on with the "Bourne" story from a different angle, taking you on cheap thrill rides of the same kind. 

The story and plots are actually quite similar to the first movie, besides the memory loss. Although the film explores the possibility of a bigger universe enacted from the first Bourne movie, it seems that Bourne's existence (base on this movie) is non-threatening considering the fact that in the first 3 movies that chased him around the whole globe. I fail to see the connection

The new guy, Jeremy Renner was the lead role. I have no opinion on Jeremy Renner as I see him having a good future in the action flick genre, I just feel the the whole film was rather repetitive and "done before" 

Jason Bourne wasn't even in the same experiments as Aaron Cross, so why "Bourne Legacy" , is this referring the consipiracy as the "Bourne incident"

The actions weren't even that impressive, but the music score was intense.  It's chasing and more chasing, very little was explained about the rest of the "conspiracy". It was just focused on Cross's (Jeremy) attempts to flee from his assassins and to find a way to stay alive. 

You might be mildly entertained by the motorcycle chases and short quick action sequences but other than that, the movie lacks a good cliff hanger and could easily be mistaken for a stand alone movie if not for the frequent mention of the name "Bourne"

Any other movie spawning from this franchise needs Jason Bourne to be in it, if they ever want to bring back the suspense filled plot before this. 

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Mode:
"I might have just been cheated to watch a cheap action flick using the same title of a better action flick, you watch it at your own risk. They should have just named this movie Bourne CrossOVERbenjaminfoo of 

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FurFer said...

Oh gosh, it's kind alike pathetic. Total Recall and Bourne Lagacy? Which one is better? XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

LOL! mebbe he is trying to talk about Hawkeye return! :P

benjaminvai said...

@fluffy Total Recall is very for me, but it DOES have more CG stuff and you know those gung ho make film dam cool shit, but Bourne was more realistic and better paced. So your call :) Come join us at screenings la den no worries to choose haha

@kianfai.. hahah don care about hawkeye ady, this could actually be his origins haha

FurFer said...

need to have luck to join for screening also ma. anyways. I might just download bourne and watch liao. it s like every blgo im reading is not worth to watch in cinema

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