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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Step Up 4 Revolution


Well, it always starts like this.
What's it about:
Another installment of the Step Up franchise that has nothing to do with the previous ones, it's about a dancing boy meeting a dancing chick. Dancing boy wants to dance and make hits so he can win some cash with his Flash Mob idea while dancing girl wants a career in dancing but millionaire dad no likey that idea! (forgive my sudden way of writing :p )

It's not about fame this time though, it's about expression. Then again, the previous ones was also about expression but for a different result. Oh who am I kidding, same plot different dance. 

NOT the only scene that looked better in the trailer.
What I would say about it:
To sum it all up, Step Up 4 revolution brings around the same things that the franchise wants to tell, the freedom to express yourself through passion and in this case, Getting Jiggy With It.

Bringing in dancers from various reality shows would certainly bring up the intensity of the dances and I have no quarrels with the standard of the dancers in this show. All were stunning, all were good and all of them were DANCERS, not actors. They express better with their dance hence the acting was far from good. (Dancers should be dancing, not acting! Dancers should have more recognition even if they weren't featured in a film)

4 sets of main Flash Mob was choreographed and 1 Finale, so all together you have 5 music videos getting mashed together to make a story, the places chosen for the flash mobs were very unique, starting from the streets, to a more refined place ( i like this one the best so don't want to spoil it), a restaurant and a launch, and of course the finale which you have all scene in the trailer. 

The choreography is good and the dancers too, but something ruined the whole thing, it was the camera angle and editing. premature cuts of the dance moves and sudden stops made the dance seem sloppy and incomplete, the edits should be showing what was happening instead of moving from dance move to another completely different move. Honestly, watching it on the reality shows would be far more entertaining.

The director should know by now that the audience wants the dance not the story, not the plot. but the dances most of all. 

The cuts were so annoying that as impressive as the dances might have been, it had been ruined.

I do hope they will churn out a complete video without the unnecessary cuts at the wrong time. The finale mob was ended in very abrupt way as well. 

Rating: 2/5

Critic Mode:
"Very little evolution in this so called revolution, they should give this a proper burial and move on. Dances and Mobs are mainstream now, a properly choreographed dance with effects is not going to satisfy anymore. Everything was more exciting in the trailerbenjaminfoo of 

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Unknown said...

warh, so much higher than total remake even after you bashed it here? lol. Lee Chong Wei - Malaysia's true symbol of unity

benjaminvai said...

Total Remake pissed me off very much.

At least Step up had certain points that can be done to make it better.

Total Remake just jumped off the "there is still room for improvement" excuse

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