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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paranorman 2012


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What's it about:
Norman, a not so ordinary boy. His ability to see and talk to ghost have gotten him ridiculed and mostly shunned by his whole community. Just as he was scared of his own ability to see ghosts, he learns that it is his own abilities that could save the whole town from doom.

A movie of stop-motion brought by the creators of one of my favorite -Coraline. Comes Paranorman.

duh~ is class over yet?
What I would say about it:
To start it all, the movie was impressive and enjoyable.

A humble beginning for an awkward character slowly unfolds to a tale that gave more than just a twist, the jokes were subtle and gave you a giggle as to not spoil the whole movie. It made you smile.

The movie would not be as entertaining if it was made like a normal animation or even a CG one for that matter, it needed that special touch and stop motion animation really did the trick. With technology these days, the stop motion was rendered almost flawlessly with modern day engines giving it a much smoother flow for the movements, one could easily argue which one the prefer though.

The music was enjoyable and the suspense was much appreciated. They might be a few small plot holes that need not be mention here because I felt that it was not too a big a deal, and mentioning it here will spoil your whole experience. 

The thing I like the most was the camera angle, the production team explored various nicely planned angles that most likely could not be done with a real life film
It didn't drag, and it didn't try hard to hard sell family or moral values but it is noted n all of us about it's message.

The finale was one of my favorite scene, the final confrontation was visually amusing and engaging. When it was all over, he wasn't cheered like a hero and that was what made it real.

It may not be as dark as Coraline but it was a master of it's own story. 

Rating: 4/5

Here are some bonus material that are quite interesting from their marketing.  :)

Critic Mode:
"This one goes into my books, the trailer may not be interesting but the little twists that it gave brought the film to life and kept it alive through the end. One of the must watch this quarterbenjaminfoo of 
Sidenote: The only other animation to come that might top this for the year would be Frankenweenie in November.

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SiMon Har said...

wah everyone's giving good review!

Ken Wooi said...

Yep, it's good! :D

Koh Kian Fai said...

lol . . . abit geli when watch this kind of cartoon last time lol

Merryn said...

We did not watch this because Ethan said he's afraid after watching the trailer >_<

Isaac Tan said...


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