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Monday, August 27, 2012

AniManGaki 2012 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre :)


As the annual AniManGaki comes and goes, let me have a little post on how it all went! But first, for you first timers who have never heard of AniManGaki before here is a short intro~
"Making its debut in 2009, AniManGaki is the brainchild of Sun-U Anime Club's founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The event was formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together fans and lovers of anime from all walks of life. Branded "The Trendsetter", AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors each year with something new.
This year, AniManGaki 2012 will be a solo effort brought to you by the AniManGaki Organizing Committee. Your favourite ACG event is now back, evolving bigger and better at a brand new venue -- the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center! And to celebrate an amazing school year, we're going with the High School (Koukou) theme!"So get ready for some fun yo!"
For more info about this yearly event click here! -->
OR AniManGaki Facebook Page

One can never escape the ticket counter if you want to enjoy the full experience of such an event, of course you can just hang around the outskirts of the premises to catch the never-ending flow of cosplayers but the whole event is not just about the cosplayers even though they do play a big part in both attracting on-lookers and friendly meet ups alike :).


It's RM15 per entrance ticket for this year and you can get it at a cheaper price by bundling a two day pass for just RM25!

I also like how they have prepared a storage area and a lost and found counter because we ALL know how missing items and limited space can be a problem in ACG events such as this. Kudos! for the considerate arrangement and i do hope there weren't many problems on it!

I also happened to find a faithful puppy awaiting the return of it's owner at one of the counters >.<.

Moving along after giving the puppy a little petting session, let's have a look at a small portion of the crowd~ to be honest I wasn't really expecting such a large crowd although this WAS my first AniManGaki ~

Before we go further, let's have a few cosplayers here shall we? :)
Do let me know in the comments on which character are they if i got it wrong. (I am only a sub-Otaku,paiseh~)

Kuni-chan from Shangri-La

Help pls >.<

A little help here with Ms. Midori as well >.<"

Moving along with the crowd, as you pass the entrance you will be seeing a lot of booths that are in generals split into two types, one is the retailer booths (by companies) and the other would be the Artist booths (personal projects).

The Retailer booths like the one below are companies or shops that take part in this event to sell merchandises to the public, whilst not necessarily a bargain one can actually find some pretty rare items if one looks hard enough :)

Miku keychains are of course a very common sight in these retailer shops! I bet they get taken a LOT too! Shoooo cute! 

The Artist booths, which is my personal favorite areas to walk around gives private artists and groups a chance to display and sell their creative items, these people are all really talented and you can often find them on . 

I am always amazed at the amazing talents they have by often coming out with creative products and works of arts, it's a shame that these talents are often buried and may never see the light of day after a certain time, I should make an effort to support them more!

"A side note to the artists, consider printing name cards or a big signage for your deviant accounts of facebook pages or any other way to contact you, that way we can give more support!"
Here are some of the items that you can find all drawn or handmade by these artists and groups!

I also honestly think they deserve bigger area for the crowd to browse their items, sometimes getting shoved around in a tight corridor between tables is kind of a turn off when you are admiring and picking their works!

Let me know who made these so I can credit them accordingly thx! 

Let me know who made these so I can credit them accordingly thx!  

I believe her deviant url is :) 
Thx 夜 小 猫 for the help!

 These cuteness overloading badges are by

 This is Zhuai Mao Cartoon, they have a nice collection of cute feline products! Email--> (not sure whether it's a company or solo for this)

These are some handmade dolls by UE Creative World ! Pretty nice handicraft here!

OK! Let's take a break! :P
OK! Let's take a break! :P

Ok! Breaks over!

Here are some more cosplayers to keep things going!

Blue Rose frm Tiger & Bunny

Need help here!

Edward Elric frm Full Metal Alchemist
Another one from Kuni-Chan :P
Another Interesting area was the displaying of awesome Figma and models from different animes, touhou and comic books

I would really love to have the place and the money to have my own collection of my favorite Figma one day! Most of these must have been volunteered for display as most of them weren't on sale, they were all in the highest most detailed forms, vivid and accurate! *goosebumps*

The first time i get to see all the forms of GurrenLagann minus Lagann as head. *tears*

What would this figma display be without Evangelion right? XD

A little Moe-ness from the  Ho-kago Tea Time (After School Tea-Time) of K-On!
Many Sabers are here to join the party as well!
Of course my favorite Kamen Riders were not to be missed as well!

Through out the two day event, performances by many live performances and cosplay competitions as well, but due to my busy schedule I was not able to watch those performances, missed quite a lot of awesome acts :'(

Click to Enlarge?

 The ever so energetic crowd!  
Khal cosplaying Junpei is right there! 

 The only performance I caught, can anyone help me with who are they? They were pretty good!

Of course the awesome people at Studio Omoshiroi are here to shoot great videos!
Watch their videos on Studio Omoshiroi Youtube Channel
Like them on Facebook! Studio Omoshiroi Facebook Page

ACG events such as these were really hard to come by a few years back, but many have grown very much along with the support of enthusiastic cosplayers, the general public whose interests dwells in Japanese Animation, Manga and Games, the supportive nature of many venues and a whole lot of passion! 

Most of these events are handled by a committee of volunteers who maybe working adults or highschool students, so when it comes to things that we enjoy and love to do... The extra work doesn't matter that much! 

Nice job to the Committee members for constantly running around to make the event as successful as possible, a big hand to the participating booths for their tireless duties of watching over their merchandise, the passionate cosplayers who swarmed the area giving the event a generous boost of exposure and to the general public who took a little bit of their time to stop by!

Here are more cosplay pictures to end this post! 

Misa Sayaka as Mio with Headphones? 

NekoTenshi and PSG, yes the cutie in the middle has a fanpage too!

Succubus by Aiveris Yin?

Ok  I Kuni- Chan BIAS A LOT! :P

Ah~ the dedication and hardwork for a good picture :)
Minato is on the floor?

How about a little Sunshine? 

Always watch your back too, there are too many skillful characters around! You might just get shot!

And a personal thank you for this Angel Beats team, whom I manage to snap my only team Cosplay photo of! T.K. was spot on!

See you next year AniManGaki! Bai Bai!

*let me know about the character that I am missing or labeled wrong.
*If you are not comfortable with some of the picture posted let me know as well!

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夜 曉 猫 said...

about the artist u lost her dA..
here is it..

Shopaholic said...

The guy lying on the floor with cards around is my friend!! =D His character is from persona 5. Minato I think.

Khalidi Khalid said...

I'm in the pic! XD And @j_fish, it's Persona 3. xP

Me as Junpei (crowd during stage performance)

choulyin.tan said...

oh Kuni-chan cute! :D

benjaminvai said...

Thx 夜 小 猫 will update on it.

@j_fish , oh cool.

@Khal, nice of u to drop by! thx for liking my page too!

@choulyin hahha yeaaaaaa

bendan said...

Ahahaha... 1st i tot this post will full of kuni-chan!!!!! She looks yeng la. XD
Btw great post ben!!

Josarine said...

Nice! People are going all out! Which is rare to find now a days.

kamomedan said...

thx for coming to AMG'12 =) we couldnt have had such a HUGE event this year wifout d wonderful n passionate visitors!!! ARIGATO!

FurFer said...

awesome! hope there is similar events like this in the future

Kagome Higurashi said...

LOL !!!!
That was my dog . It was suppose to guard the item lost n found LOL.
I left it there coz i was on duty xD but the crew played with it LOL xD

kaoru ranran said...

Thanks for featuring our acapella group Perogumi inyour blog :-) I am kaoru ranran, most left of the picture. The others are Jade Trinity Killjoy, Tan Zie Aun and Okita Riki.

kaoru ranran said...

Thanks for featuring our acapella group Perogumi inyour blog :-) I am kaoru ranran, most left of the picture. The others are Jade Trinity Killjoy, Tan Zie Aun and Okita Riki.

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