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Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Maggi Mee Magic - New Flavors of Maggi Mee Goreng series

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So a package arrived for me in the office today and to my surprise it was a box with the word MAGGI on it, I am sure in Malaysia the word Maggi is very much a verb that means instan noodles. Maggi is considered a staple diet to many Malaysians

Though some may question it's nutrition values, I really love it despite the facts that lead to saying that it is unhealthy. I am sure many of you feel the same way. Maggi is awesome, this also applies to other instant noodles as well, to me all instant noodles are great too.

So I opened the box and found two pakcs of Maggi inside, one was the Maggi Mee Goreng  Kari Ori and the other was Maggi Mee Goreng Cili Lazat! These must be the all new flavor that they were talking about on their marketing campaigns!

Excited to try out their new flavors, I anxiously wait for lunch time! It was a long wait and since the office does not have an open stove I have to rely on the Microwave so that means double the effort to prepare the noodles!

But nothing was going to stop me from tasting these new flavors!

Here are the two new packs up close.

After about 15 mins of fumbling around the noodle was ready! Each pack has 3 small satchets inside which are the seasoning powder, (oil/dark sauce/chili), and fried onions. 

Once mixed the noodle gave out a strong scent of the seasoning and made my mouth water haha!

Looks good doesn't it? :)

And since the aroma filled up the office, my colleague decided to have a taste of it as well and look at their happy faces! :)

Like a Kid

Here is what I think about the new flavors.

Maggi Mee Goreng Kari Ori:-
The noodle itself uses the same ones as any other Maggi product, the strong powder gave a really good savory taste to it, More or less it reminds me of when i put the Curry powder from the curry soup range :). It was a good flavor with strong curry smell :)

Maggi Mee Goreng Cili Lazat-
This one actually has nothing special, it gae me the feeling that it was created to stay on par with the likes of Ibumie's Indomee and Mee sedap, the only difference would be the cili powder which made the noodle spicier then the other two. But overall it was still a good effort. 

There was however one issue that I would like to say about both the noodles, THE PORTION IS WAY TOO SMALL, it could have fit my palm!

I really hope Maggi would figure out a way to produce more consumer satisfying products. I still like Maggi no matter what.

ESPECIALLY the one that my GF prepares for me, it's my own preference and I miss having it!

Always the best! :)

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Ken Wooi said...

Long time no eat Maggi already. :/

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