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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mae Nak 2012 - A Thai Ghost Story


yea, i know what you think! But no it's not
What's it about:
Based on a very popular legendary Thai folktale, A loving husband and wife was force to be separated due to military duties. Even though the husband promised to come back safely, the wife who was pregnant did not make it and died while trying to deliver their baby resulting in death to the mother and child. ( I think it's called maternal death) 

The soul of the wife was unrest due to certain incidents that ultimately led her to haunt the whole village. This is put under the Horror/Thriller movie genre.

The "certain incidents", dumbest reason ever.
What I would say about it:
Before reviewing this movie, I did some research on the whole legend and you can read all about it here--> , the real legend is much more interesting and engaging than the whole movie plus much more respectable.

Now, this movie with all due respect FAILED to properly project the essence of the real story most of the time and resulting in a very very disappointing film. Mind you, the movie claimed to follow closely to the original story. 

The scenes were jumbled up together, the flash backs didn't seem like flash backs, the back flow stories felt like it was a mistake, the cosmetics effects failed to give you even a little scare, the scene cuts were very unpolished resulting with a lot of awkward sound pauses before moving on to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT scene.

Many scenes were not even well written, the mysterious cockroach like baby head ( what was that for?), the suicide of one of the character ( nothing was explained after that) , even the whole reason as to why they wanted to go kacau the dead wife was illogical. 

A lot of stupid slapstick comedy was thrown in ( but this might be the culture of Thais as I m not a stranger to their humour).

There were so many unfinished writings and unexplained events detected that calling them "plotholes" seem to be too generous. Many key elements and reasons were missed out causing the story to be unrefined. 

Going towards the "climax" of the film, it seemed like they just did it the improv way, which included a very stupid and confused Master Bomoh who seemed to have trouble deciding whether he is a powerful bomoh or not. The Bomoh can be seen alternating from thrash talking to being humble throughout his scenes, his character was one of the most conflicting one I have ever seen. 

Bomoh : " Why must you do this, why not make her love you the natural way, do you know this will backfire and bring upon a curse on you?"
The next time they visit.
Bomoh: " I must grab that ______ ingredient, and help you get what you desire most."
He was definitely the most interesting character in the whole film. 

If you happen to be invited to the movie then by all means go in and sit through it. It's very laughable

and as for the so call 3D mention, it was just one of those slot in a few obvious 3D scenes kind which  really just felt lame. 

Rating: 0/5

Critic Mode:
"After reading the original legend and the research that was done on the story, i felt that this film is being very unfair to Mae Nak whose story was one that has inspired many Thais about love. The movie failed to project that element due to poor script writing and story flow.benjaminfoo of 

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Would also like to thank Rainfilm Sdn Bhd for giving out the passes, even though this was a very unsatisfying movie but I do hope you continue to bring in better films for us. Thanks!


Koh Kian Fai said...

> . < oooo me sked horror movie :X

Unknown said...

This movie was a total waste of time. LOL - coming from a Thai ghost movie fanboy!

Unknown said...

Notice how Pleung's father always seem to be reading his script off while filming as though it's a live skit? lol Mae Nak 3D 2012 - movie review

CuteRimi said...

I love all of the Ghost Stories, a big fan of Celebrity Ghost Stories. I was so disappointed with the 25 Scariest Celebrity Stories. The stories were cool but nothing like the real show. We had no idea how the stories were ended-how the people got away or how the ghosts disappeared. I was very bummed!!

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