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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang!

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Step Up is not just another dance film, the title speaks for itself, which is to stand up to what you believe in! It also gives you the inspiration to stand up for your own beliefs and carve your own path to the future.

Flash mobs initial concept wasn't just to show off groovy dance moves or to wow the crowd, it was to create awareness! Something that was out of the daily routine, something that will make you go home smiling after a long days work. 

What if we can use that feeling and awareness for something that is so great that it creates a record and show that there is a huge hope for the nation? And of course ultimately inspire the whole world as well. Why not start here at the ground that we stand, the land that we all love and call "Malaysia" ?

It's time we do something that will bring all of us together, a simple event and with the power of the people will give amazing impact!

I am talking about the idea of the ultimate dancing flash mob, a mob that will capture the attention of the whole world, a mob with an idea to show the whole world that everyone has the ability to unite each other and achieve real world peace, and it all starts with yourselves.

"Get groovy with the country" will take place in not just a a few venues, but the whole country!

From Johor to Kedah, From East to west! Anywhere that you can form a line and connect with others nearby, just come out of your house and make it happen! It is going to be lines and lines of people dancing, to any tune, in any style , with anyone!

It doesn't have to be planned out, you don't have to choose a song, you don't need a partnet, everyone else is your partner, your crew.

You don't need a music player, you can just hum and sing any tune and move to the beats.

It will be a parade of the nation's people for the sake of integrity and unity! 

If we can run a marathon for Charity, we can definitely go out together into the streets, form a line and just dance, Look to your left and look to your right! Everyone will be doing it, so can you!

Are you ready to join us? 

Date: The best Sunday
Venue: The whole nation
Time: When the music starts

*The above idea is a concept campaign proposed by Benjamin Foo Sik Vai of and has not yet been confirmed
*We do however really think it will be something phenomenal once executed and look for the day that it will happen!
*It could really happen! ^.^

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