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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heineken Launches New Iconic Bottle And Here Comes The Launch Party!

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It's the new Heineken bottle design!
Heineken is proud to announce the launch of its new iconic bottle, featuring innovative details that provide a contemporary appearance and enhance the overall drinking experience.

This new design will be a joint global launch worldwide and will be a stamp in Heineken's mission to be the international most preferred premium beer! Hurray for them!

The bottle features an embossed curve, inspired by the label ‘racetrack’, on the neck and back. The back of the bottle features the same curve motif, set above an embossed Heineken logo and the iconic star. 

The curve acts as a thumb groove and is perfectly placed to meet the drinker’s fingers which add tactility and grip as they grasp the bottle whilst keeping the beer to stay cooler. 

Additional bottle updates include a slimmer body accentuating the bottle’s premium feel and an elongated appearance emphasized by both vertical neck branding and a higher label position.

How many of you enjoy a ice cold Heineken once in a while? I bet many of you actually do that and it is absolutely refreshing. 

And you know what goes really well with Heineken? 

Great company of course!
(picture from last year Christmas with Heineken beer towers :) )

So looking at the great track record that Heineken possess, every celebration is something big and to Heineken, they look to throw a huge party! 

The launch of the new Iconic bottle is no exception!

To celebrate the launch of its new iconic bottle, Heineken is flying down renowned Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten to Malaysia for an exclusive invite-only party on 11 July 2012 at KL Live. To score invites to this exclusive event, consumers are encouraged to visit Heineken’s Facebook page at

Yeap, you heard right, DJ Ferry Corsten. 

This man right here

with these sounds.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, log on to or for more information.

Check out this link to score some invites for the launch of the new bottle!

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This is also my 500th post, Thanks Heineken for celebrating it as well. XD

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Henry Lee said...

drinkkkk all the new bottled beer!!!! hahaha

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