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Friday, July 6, 2012

Drum Tao: Art Of Drum Tour From Japan to the World!

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Those were the headlines for this extravagant event happening soon right here in the city of KL, one could only imagine a performance of such an epic proportion be heart moving and seat grabbing.

Explosive, Erupting, Grand, Powerful. Strong, Awesome, Epic.

These are some of the words that can be expressed through me of the performance that I've have yet to witness. I am excited to watch it live after seeing the videos on youtube. It IS going to be Amazing and truly great experience.

Drum Tao is world class entertainment at the highest level. It is an innovative contemporary Japanese production that has thrilled audiences with this ground-breaking presentation and one-of-a-kind show.

The two-hour extravaganza features super human efforts by the 16-strong highly disciplined crew of Japanese Taiko drummers, who spend eight months of the year touring the world, giving it their all in the 500 shows they perform a year.

Each Wadaiko Drum used in the performance weighs a massive 400kg with a 1.7metre circumference.

One Could only imagine the intensity that the performance will bring considering that 5 million people around the world have experienced and applauded these performances to be eye opening and heart satisfying.

It HAS to be an experience of a lifetime that one should not miss, because of all the places that they can still travel they have chosen Malaysia to be one of the places for them to perform. 

Who knows when will be the next time they will come by, and I am quite sure you will regret it once I've attended the performance and blog about it's magnificence.

I don't think anything as grand as this will turn out to be disappointing, come on! We are talking about Japan! 

Still have not garnered enough interest for you yet? 

Maybe this epic video will help, this is just one minute.

Watched it yet?

Now I am sure a lot of you are interested!

Here is how you can purchase the ticket!

There is also an early bird promotion of 15% for purchases before 20th July as well!

Trust me! It is going to be an experience you won't      forget!

Drums just reached a new level of epic!

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