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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012- Seating Guide


It's not a mystery anymore that Kpop Sensation Big Bang is coming to Malaysia for the year of 2012, and their VIPs (fans) are going wild over the news! The ticket prices and seatings have also been released and I bet many are already planning on saving up that sum of money for this concert of the year.

Of course you can expect them to WOW the audience on and off stage with their amazing performances, you have seen them on youtube and on the TV so now is your chance to catch them live at Stadium Merdeka October 27th 2012!

Here is a spiced up guide as to which tickets you should plan to purchase depending on your personality and your interest to the concert :).

CAT 1 (VIP)=RM688- Amazing VIPs of Big Bang would definitely want to see them dancing and smiling right in front of them, this is a seated category so you might not be able to go crazy but you will definitely be melting in your seats!

CAT 2=RM588- Rock hard VIPs of Big Bang would probably want to scream their lungs out and jump till they and the premier rockpits are the perfect place for you to go wild without any restraint but do becareful not to trample on the others k?

CAT 3= RM488- The basic rockpit is situated a bit further from the stage so you probably wont be able to get drenched in their sweat of grab a stray t-shirt from Tae-Yang but you will still be jumping up and down to their hits!

CAT 4= RM388- These seats are higher up and give you a birds eye view of the whole stage, you will be slightly further from all the hot action   so DO bring along your binoculars if you want to see them sorta upclose :)

CAT 5= RM288- You will be having the same trouble with CAT 4 but the seats are slightly further this time so you might want to bring better binoculars. Your dreams of them spotting you among the crowd is kinda impossible unless your are a glowing Christmas tree

CAT 6= RM198- These are the seats for those who like them and want to bask in the atmosphere of their live performances, if you are not a dancing jumping kind of person, these seats are the best.

CAT 7= RM188- Bring friends! Cause most of the time you will shouting and screaming at the screens above and just hugging your friends! Nothing much to see but listening them LIVE is still a great experience.:)

CAT 8= RM98- Most of you who are going to buy this probably lost in the battle to get the better tickets but you still be able to be swoon by the softer ballads so no worries it is still going to be a great show, and there is still the screen ^^.

Get your tickets via Ticketcharge and Red Tix from 28 Jul 2012, 1030hrs.

I heard it was 10 mins for the Singapore concert to be sold out so GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!


Anne Lee said...

you're going?

Unknown said...

You like Big Bang? lol

Koh Kian Fai said...

wah sibeh costy lo :O

Xue Ren said...

arhh, i'm afraid that the tickets will sell off like hot cakes weyy! :(

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