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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A trip to the morning market at Section 17 :)


So how many of you have actually dropped by your local wet market recently?

Have you ever been to one? 

I took the liberty to follow my mom to the local market that she frequents once in a while, this use to be my daily routine when I was younger but as i grew older, the idea to wake up early for a walk at the market was somewhat unappealing XD.

But it DOES do you good to drop by once a while, accompanying your parents to give them a hand with the groceries, even the stall owners whom my mom frequents would give comment such as how big her son is, or how beautiful her daughter is and things like that.

I am pretty sure these comments would really brighten any parents day aite?

Mom buys a lot of condiments and seasoning from this stall, ranging from soy sauce to tom yam paste. Service with a smile is pretty much what keeps the customers from going to the bigger commercialized markets

Many uncles and aunties like to drop by the market to see what's fresh and good to buy, most of them would come by after their morning walks dressed in quite a sporty outfit, health is really one of the most important things one should always take care of ya know :).

It's always heart warming to see these retired folks out and about happily indulged in their shopping in hopes of cooking a warm meal for dinner for their young ones. It is also bitter to see some of them having to carry heavy groceries as well.

I usually offer my services to carry for them whenever I can alongside my mom's groceries of course.

Who is going to help them out if not the youthful and strong ones like us no?

Of course the wet market offers almost everything you need for your cooking needs! Vegetables, fruits, fishes, chickens and many more always comes fresh and most of the time gets sold out after a day.

Though some of the ingredients might be a few bucks more expensive then those of Giant and Tesco, but the freshness is mostly guranteed :).

After all, the reputation of the stall is at stake for every product he sells, word of mouth travels fast among the confines of the market XD.

After all the walking and shopping, it's always time to chow down on some breakfast, whether it's packed from the market or the coffee shop nearby. A hearty breakfast is always a good end for a day's market shopping!

So why not pick a time to follow your parents to the market, or if you are currently away from home. Why not gather a friend or two and experience the wet market yourselves.

It might be smelly but the experience is quite nice :).

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*pictures were taken from HTC Evo 3D


Nikel Khor said...

I love their Chinese Nasi Lemak.. almost every week there!

benjaminvai said...

Yea yea! the CHinese lemak with rendang very nice wan!

Hilda Milda™ said...

I love following my parents to the wet market as well, so many things to see xD

Ken Wooi said...

What kedai is that, boss ben?

foongpc said...

Is this the Section 17 market in PJ? Sometimes I go there to buy food, but I am not a fan of wet market! LOL!

Xue Ren said...

I never know section 17 ada pasar malam. LOL! =P

missyblurkit said...

Not visited the Section 17 market for a long long long while. Almost 3 years actually.

Try going earlier and you'll be amazed at the amount of work the traders do before they start trading. One of my faves is the one in Petaling Street and Pudu.

Unknown said...

LOL thought you're gonna start reviewing these markets from now haha. One Recipe Cafe SS2 review

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