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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A trip to the morning market at Section 17 :)


So how many of you have actually dropped by your local wet market recently?

Have you ever been to one? 

I took the liberty to follow my mom to the local market that she frequents once in a while, this use to be my daily routine when I was younger but as i grew older, the idea to wake up early for a walk at the market was somewhat unappealing XD.

But it DOES do you good to drop by once a while, accompanying your parents to give them a hand with the groceries, even the stall owners whom my mom frequents would give comment such as how big her son is, or how beautiful her daughter is and things like that.

I am pretty sure these comments would really brighten any parents day aite?

Mom buys a lot of condiments and seasoning from this stall, ranging from soy sauce to tom yam paste. Service with a smile is pretty much what keeps the customers from going to the bigger commercialized markets

Many uncles and aunties like to drop by the market to see what's fresh and good to buy, most of them would come by after their morning walks dressed in quite a sporty outfit, health is really one of the most important things one should always take care of ya know :).

It's always heart warming to see these retired folks out and about happily indulged in their shopping in hopes of cooking a warm meal for dinner for their young ones. It is also bitter to see some of them having to carry heavy groceries as well.

I usually offer my services to carry for them whenever I can alongside my mom's groceries of course.

Who is going to help them out if not the youthful and strong ones like us no?

Of course the wet market offers almost everything you need for your cooking needs! Vegetables, fruits, fishes, chickens and many more always comes fresh and most of the time gets sold out after a day.

Though some of the ingredients might be a few bucks more expensive then those of Giant and Tesco, but the freshness is mostly guranteed :).

After all, the reputation of the stall is at stake for every product he sells, word of mouth travels fast among the confines of the market XD.

After all the walking and shopping, it's always time to chow down on some breakfast, whether it's packed from the market or the coffee shop nearby. A hearty breakfast is always a good end for a day's market shopping!

So why not pick a time to follow your parents to the market, or if you are currently away from home. Why not gather a friend or two and experience the wet market yourselves.

It might be smelly but the experience is quite nice :).

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*pictures were taken from HTC Evo 3D

How I Step Up With Nuffnang!

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Step Up is not just another dance film, the title speaks for itself, which is to stand up to what you believe in! It also gives you the inspiration to stand up for your own beliefs and carve your own path to the future.

Flash mobs initial concept wasn't just to show off groovy dance moves or to wow the crowd, it was to create awareness! Something that was out of the daily routine, something that will make you go home smiling after a long days work. 

What if we can use that feeling and awareness for something that is so great that it creates a record and show that there is a huge hope for the nation? And of course ultimately inspire the whole world as well. Why not start here at the ground that we stand, the land that we all love and call "Malaysia" ?

It's time we do something that will bring all of us together, a simple event and with the power of the people will give amazing impact!

I am talking about the idea of the ultimate dancing flash mob, a mob that will capture the attention of the whole world, a mob with an idea to show the whole world that everyone has the ability to unite each other and achieve real world peace, and it all starts with yourselves.

"Get groovy with the country" will take place in not just a a few venues, but the whole country!

From Johor to Kedah, From East to west! Anywhere that you can form a line and connect with others nearby, just come out of your house and make it happen! It is going to be lines and lines of people dancing, to any tune, in any style , with anyone!

It doesn't have to be planned out, you don't have to choose a song, you don't need a partnet, everyone else is your partner, your crew.

You don't need a music player, you can just hum and sing any tune and move to the beats.

It will be a parade of the nation's people for the sake of integrity and unity! 

If we can run a marathon for Charity, we can definitely go out together into the streets, form a line and just dance, Look to your left and look to your right! Everyone will be doing it, so can you!

Are you ready to join us? 

Date: The best Sunday
Venue: The whole nation
Time: When the music starts

*The above idea is a concept campaign proposed by Benjamin Foo Sik Vai of and has not yet been confirmed
*We do however really think it will be something phenomenal once executed and look for the day that it will happen!
*It could really happen! ^.^

Mae Nak 2012 - A Thai Ghost Story


yea, i know what you think! But no it's not
What's it about:
Based on a very popular legendary Thai folktale, A loving husband and wife was force to be separated due to military duties. Even though the husband promised to come back safely, the wife who was pregnant did not make it and died while trying to deliver their baby resulting in death to the mother and child. ( I think it's called maternal death) 

The soul of the wife was unrest due to certain incidents that ultimately led her to haunt the whole village. This is put under the Horror/Thriller movie genre.

The "certain incidents", dumbest reason ever.
What I would say about it:
Before reviewing this movie, I did some research on the whole legend and you can read all about it here--> , the real legend is much more interesting and engaging than the whole movie plus much more respectable.

Now, this movie with all due respect FAILED to properly project the essence of the real story most of the time and resulting in a very very disappointing film. Mind you, the movie claimed to follow closely to the original story. 

The scenes were jumbled up together, the flash backs didn't seem like flash backs, the back flow stories felt like it was a mistake, the cosmetics effects failed to give you even a little scare, the scene cuts were very unpolished resulting with a lot of awkward sound pauses before moving on to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT scene.

Many scenes were not even well written, the mysterious cockroach like baby head ( what was that for?), the suicide of one of the character ( nothing was explained after that) , even the whole reason as to why they wanted to go kacau the dead wife was illogical. 

A lot of stupid slapstick comedy was thrown in ( but this might be the culture of Thais as I m not a stranger to their humour).

There were so many unfinished writings and unexplained events detected that calling them "plotholes" seem to be too generous. Many key elements and reasons were missed out causing the story to be unrefined. 

Going towards the "climax" of the film, it seemed like they just did it the improv way, which included a very stupid and confused Master Bomoh who seemed to have trouble deciding whether he is a powerful bomoh or not. The Bomoh can be seen alternating from thrash talking to being humble throughout his scenes, his character was one of the most conflicting one I have ever seen. 

Bomoh : " Why must you do this, why not make her love you the natural way, do you know this will backfire and bring upon a curse on you?"
The next time they visit.
Bomoh: " I must grab that ______ ingredient, and help you get what you desire most."
He was definitely the most interesting character in the whole film. 

If you happen to be invited to the movie then by all means go in and sit through it. It's very laughable

and as for the so call 3D mention, it was just one of those slot in a few obvious 3D scenes kind which  really just felt lame. 

Rating: 0/5

Critic Mode:
"After reading the original legend and the research that was done on the story, i felt that this film is being very unfair to Mae Nak whose story was one that has inspired many Thais about love. The movie failed to project that element due to poor script writing and story flow.benjaminfoo of 

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Would also like to thank Rainfilm Sdn Bhd for giving out the passes, even though this was a very unsatisfying movie but I do hope you continue to bring in better films for us. Thanks!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Maggi Mee Magic - New Flavors of Maggi Mee Goreng series

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So a package arrived for me in the office today and to my surprise it was a box with the word MAGGI on it, I am sure in Malaysia the word Maggi is very much a verb that means instan noodles. Maggi is considered a staple diet to many Malaysians

Though some may question it's nutrition values, I really love it despite the facts that lead to saying that it is unhealthy. I am sure many of you feel the same way. Maggi is awesome, this also applies to other instant noodles as well, to me all instant noodles are great too.

So I opened the box and found two pakcs of Maggi inside, one was the Maggi Mee Goreng  Kari Ori and the other was Maggi Mee Goreng Cili Lazat! These must be the all new flavor that they were talking about on their marketing campaigns!

Excited to try out their new flavors, I anxiously wait for lunch time! It was a long wait and since the office does not have an open stove I have to rely on the Microwave so that means double the effort to prepare the noodles!

But nothing was going to stop me from tasting these new flavors!

Here are the two new packs up close.

After about 15 mins of fumbling around the noodle was ready! Each pack has 3 small satchets inside which are the seasoning powder, (oil/dark sauce/chili), and fried onions. 

Once mixed the noodle gave out a strong scent of the seasoning and made my mouth water haha!

Looks good doesn't it? :)

And since the aroma filled up the office, my colleague decided to have a taste of it as well and look at their happy faces! :)

Like a Kid

Here is what I think about the new flavors.

Maggi Mee Goreng Kari Ori:-
The noodle itself uses the same ones as any other Maggi product, the strong powder gave a really good savory taste to it, More or less it reminds me of when i put the Curry powder from the curry soup range :). It was a good flavor with strong curry smell :)

Maggi Mee Goreng Cili Lazat-
This one actually has nothing special, it gae me the feeling that it was created to stay on par with the likes of Ibumie's Indomee and Mee sedap, the only difference would be the cili powder which made the noodle spicier then the other two. But overall it was still a good effort. 

There was however one issue that I would like to say about both the noodles, THE PORTION IS WAY TOO SMALL, it could have fit my palm!

I really hope Maggi would figure out a way to produce more consumer satisfying products. I still like Maggi no matter what.

ESPECIALLY the one that my GF prepares for me, it's my own preference and I miss having it!

Always the best! :)

Remember to check out "How to cook Maggi Goreng yourself "too!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises 2012


What's it about:
I really don't think I have to say more about this, it's the end of the trilogy by Christopher Nolan who did a splendid job of turning this iconic hero into one of modern day movies greatest comic to movie franchise.

Set 8 years after the previous movie, we know take a look at the emotional conflict that Bruce Wayne fights with himself. From a city that was labeled to be in the Peace zone. Struggling on whether the need for Dark Knight was necessary and grieving over the death of the ones he cared about.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012- Seating Guide


It's not a mystery anymore that Kpop Sensation Big Bang is coming to Malaysia for the year of 2012, and their VIPs (fans) are going wild over the news! The ticket prices and seatings have also been released and I bet many are already planning on saving up that sum of money for this concert of the year.

Of course you can expect them to WOW the audience on and off stage with their amazing performances, you have seen them on youtube and on the TV so now is your chance to catch them live at Stadium Merdeka October 27th 2012!

Here is a spiced up guide as to which tickets you should plan to purchase depending on your personality and your interest to the concert :).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Brilliant Nasi Lemak House- a very good recommendation :)!


Nasi Lemak has always been one of my favorite food, from the sambal, to the rice, to the ikan bilis, to the egg and of course the added fried chicken is always a welcomed sight :)

The thing about finding the best Nasi Lemak in Malaysia is that we all have different taste and preference. Some of the main essence of Nasi Lemak are:-

  • Rice 
  • Sambal
  • Ikan Bilis
  • Fried Chicken
These elements will differ from each individual and that's what makes it so special. 

For me I prefer a mild spicy sambal that brings a bit of sweetness (but I dislike ikan bilis in the sambal) , the rice must have a strong santan smell but not too overwhelming and texture must be solid and not sticky. Ikan Bilis of course must be crunchy and the Chicken should be crispy and juicy (standard la this one)

So moving back to this place, I would say that they have similar standard as the Damansara Uptown Village Park Restaurant except Brilliant is not Halal

Okay. time to focus!

The shop does not have any fancy decors, just some portraits of their food and a LCD tv that plays Music videos the whole time. But it is very clean and quite spacious so it gives good ventilation!

Most of the crowd favs are already on the wall so most of the tables have the same food, as you can see the place was almost full when I arrive right before noon with Mom and Hui Min~.

For sure this Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng is a best seller and at RM5.80 it is definitely a good price for an awesome meal! The Rice and Chicken came out hot and ready to eat!

I ordered this dish, Pork Rendang + Nasi Lemak, Yes! Pork! Haha, pretty well made rendang but it's not spicy at all so if you like spicy rendang this might not be up to your standard, meat is tender though :)

Of course, the rendang ayam was also a good choice as the chicken is well marinated with the rendang spices as the taste sipped in as well. 

There are many other choices on the menu such as Wan Tan Mee and Chicken Rice as well, you could say they are also a "old town white coffee" kind of shop.

They might need to buck up a bit of service as the staff are not so experience with handling special requests :).

If you are ever around the area do drop by for lunch or dinner, it's definitely worth a try!

They have a branch in Kepong and Puchong as well. But the one i visited is the Kota Damansara Branch, it is right opposite Snow Flakes so you can't miss it!

25, Jalan PJU 5/10 (Dataran Sunway), Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810

Final Opinion: Recommended!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drum Tao: Art Of Drum Tour From Japan to the World!

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Those were the headlines for this extravagant event happening soon right here in the city of KL, one could only imagine a performance of such an epic proportion be heart moving and seat grabbing.

Explosive, Erupting, Grand, Powerful. Strong, Awesome, Epic.

These are some of the words that can be expressed through me of the performance that I've have yet to witness. I am excited to watch it live after seeing the videos on youtube. It IS going to be Amazing and truly great experience.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heineken Launches New Iconic Bottle And Here Comes The Launch Party!

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It's the new Heineken bottle design!
Heineken is proud to announce the launch of its new iconic bottle, featuring innovative details that provide a contemporary appearance and enhance the overall drinking experience.

This new design will be a joint global launch worldwide and will be a stamp in Heineken's mission to be the international most preferred premium beer! Hurray for them!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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Let me recommend an anime that is worth your time, definitely worth your time.

Normally I wouldn't recommend animes which are either mainstream or very basic, I might have a big archive of animes that i enjoy but if they aren't worth mentioning then I won't. But this one does deserve a mention.

I have always been an Anime fan, Japan and I are like related.

I still find it disappointing that I still made no effort to actually learn the language despite being an Otaku when it comes to ACG. I think I have been taking subs and translations for granted way too much.

Some animes I would watch over and over again, some watching it once would suffice and actually kill me to the core, it makes me tear like waterfall.

One such anime would be Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.

I couldn't even describe in words how much this anime moved me. It's the kind of anime that would burn you to the core and you start to wonder a lot about yourself. 

Confirm cry. CONFIRM. You will have no soul if you didn't. 

"It's an eleven episode slice of anime about 6 childhood friends who grew apart, sounds pretty basic stuff but the story behind is really interesting. Full of colorful scenery and character contrast. If you are someone who watches anime you should not miss this anime."

Before you want to call me sentimental or a wuss, watch it first ya? hahah ^.^

If you lazy to download, try this link and see if the stream works for you.

Awesome illustrations by Shirow Miwa

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Stumbled upon this blogpost dated two years back so I thought i should reedit this one because it has some pretty interesting artwork that should be shown :) 14/07/2010.

Decided to bring it forward to present day. 02/07/2012

Shirow Miwa is an illustrator most famous for his work in the 4 episode anime Dogs Carnage Bullet, he does his own interpretation of characters of other animes which i find the design very interesting and eye catching.

Really like how the 3 shades of colour already made this illustration look complete. 

A personal fan of the anime series.

Haha, suka saja cause this one beautiful. Not really a vocaloid fan at the moment.

If I have 20% of these artistic skils oso i happy loooor T.T

Practice ar? hmmm maybe I should.

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