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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012 Weekend :)


To those that have been following my online persona closely, or bombarded by the amount of spams on my social media accounts, 

I was invited as a guest blogger to the H-Artistry Penang 2012 party! Held at 3 massive venue every year, the Penang chapter marks the beginning of the trilogy and we will be seeing 2 more huge parties come September and November. So be sure to stay tune for those ya?

Woke up reeeeeal early to be driven down by Choulyin accompanied by my Hui Min, Henry and I will be taking the plane as part of the all expense paid trip there. 

Choulyin and Hui Min would later follow Jackie up by car, they didnt mind the ride so I guess it's only fair to let them come. :)

Upon arriving Penang Airport which was under heavy renovation to become a mini KLIA, we were shuttered to Straits Quay Convention Centre immediately.

We sat in the coach in high spirit while being mildly entertained by Uncle Lee our coach master and tour guide, he did try really hard to entertain us with his jokes and knowledge of the Island, Kelly was really interested with what he has to say while the rest just enjoyed the company and enthusiasm. XD

It was my first time being at Straits Quay Convention Centre, it has an open Bazaar and a open air Concoure which a stage for hip hop was set up for the weekend.

It reminded me of Giza, but with really high class shops, the cheapest food would be Pappa rich there, so you can imagine what standards am I looking at.

Here, with a little bump here and there we managed to be on our way to the restaurant where we will be treated to some nice seafood menu, around this time we were being rushed subtlely as we were on a tight schedule for the afternoon :)

Here we are, Blue Reef Fish & Chips... a pretty simple restaurant that serves a variety of seafood themed dishes, the interior design was simple but gave a taste of the deep blue sea.  

For some odd reason, Henry and I decided to share a 2 person seafood platter with Beer battered Cod fish as the main. We wanted to have a grand looking dish and thankfully it came out right. XD

Everyone else had roughly the same dishes with just difference in fish type and the way it is handled, except for one particulat gamer girl of the year.

There was one among us who decided to grab a sandwich instead, don't ask me what sandwich cause I have no idea, another thing to note was the level of sleepiness that this particular individual was off the chart, she kinda made everyone lazy as well. We wil never forget that look on her dozy face. LoL

I just had to snap a pic of this guy, quite photogenic and always smiling the whole way but i guess that's his job la hahah. Well, he DID serve me my first glass of Hennessy for the weekend :)

MTV VJ Rich commenced the meet & greet session with a simple intro which den proceeded to introducing the artist one by one, everyone came out according to their cue and sad down at the stolls prepared for them by the bar. 

After a series of questions such as " how do you find Malaysia, is this your first time here,. what would you be spinning tonight" we bid farewell to the artist and wished them all the best and have great fun for the fantastic night to come.

After waiting for about 1 hour we finally checked in to our hotel, mind you it was a single room with a king sized ( two single stuck together) bed with a Sony bravia LCD. I had the Sea view which was awesome! :) It's been so long since I stayed at a hotel XD. 

After just resting for an hour, we were back in the bus all dressed up for the party. Henry was pretty excited, some of the girls decided to stay back to get their hair done and skip dinner.

Our dinner was Japanese food, and here we are at Hisago. Located at a corner in Straits Quay Convention Centre. We were lucky that there werent any customer yet!

I ordered this succulent meat set and had rice along with it, it was very soft and tasty. After some small chit chat and drinking of Green Tea, we were all set for Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012 ! :)

The ever so friendly Hennessy Ambassadors are always there to greet party goers. The reception was done quite efficiently as there didnt seem to be a long que to get in XD, nice job here.

The girls at the bar were very hyper as well, kept everyone happy while pouring drinks, but it is very normal for ppl to react that way, but they were very spirited la. :) 

Played a little game of pong something, first to lose out. Alif, Kitt, and itu gamer girl tapao-ed me sigh. But it was fun la.

So as you can see the crowd rocked the zones and the party was brightly lit with many amazing performances which i will share in my next post :)

For some photos of the event of people check them out here :)

This picture credits to Henry of


Josarine said...

got part 2?

Henry Lee said...

lol! i look so excited there! haha... UNCLE LEE da Man! XD

Henry Lee said...

oh btw alif won the pin ball game... finally there's something the girl gamer of the year can't win! XD

Ken Wooi said...

so syok and happening ah ;)

Jessielicious said...

ola...haha u gimme da link and i drop by...haha are u using dslr for ur pics?

Unknown said...

Sucks man, they no invite me. But never mind lah not single very hard to enjoy lol. Coke cures mouth ulcers?

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