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Thursday, June 7, 2012

SuperGT Malaysia 2012 Ticket Giveaway!


This is exactly why you should have gotten yourself SuperGT passes from earlier.

No worries, SuperGT is feeling generous at the moment and wants you to join us for a day of speed racing and a night of heart racing goodness!

Want to be eligible for the lucky draw as well as raving all night long? Win a pair of Super GT tickets here now! 2 pairs to be given away! 

All you need to do is comment in this blogpost telling us why do you want to go to the SuperGT this Saturday and Sunday! 

Hurry Contest ends Friday!



AMSOIL (The First In Synthetics) said...
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AMSOIL (The First In Synthetics) said...

I want to go to the SuperGT this Saturday and Sunday because the cars is fast , accurate and safety event and can even help BENJAMIN to advertise ! hehee :D

darthxintor said...

I want to go to superGT this sat and sun because last year i won free tickets to watch it and hoping this year would be the same.. :D

Unknown said...

Fast car, GT Queens & exciting performance says it all. *caps On*

Kelly Siew said...

Because I'm curious about Leng Yein's album and her ability to sing. Hohoho

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