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Friday, June 8, 2012

HTC One X - Use it to experience it


The first well marketed Quad-Core phone, the new generation and standard for smartphones everywhere, HTC did one thing right and that one thing was to shrink their line up to a lean and destructive force of pure brilliance.

The HTC One X fulfills all requirements of speed, sound and sight, Armed with the speedy Android 4.0 update, HTC One X is a force that will be a storm to the mobile world.

Upon release, I had the chance to review this sexy beast and I must say, I am very impressed.


I find the new unibody design very sexy and slim, it gives it a very light texture but still has the perfect to let you feel that the phone is in your hands. With a dimension of 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and 130 gram weight with battery, you can slot the phone into your pocket and it wont bulge like a sore thumb.

The futuristic designs and minimalistic keeps everything in one place and the perfect screen size let's you have full control over the phone without stretching your thumb over to the other side.


Quad Core is the keyword here! 1.5 Ghz of speed and furiousity, I was able to multitask seamlessly through games and other apps. Close them at will and amaze at the smooth transitions and between apps and other features.

Gaming is no trouble as it houses Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which will be an optimizer for the phone. If you are those who always get messages and calls in the middle of a game. The Qad core lets you laglessly continue your previous game without fail.

The HTC One X actually has a fifth smaller core that handles the inner workings of the phone and keeps background apps from taking up too much space.

The 4.7" inch Super LCD gives Crystal Clear Images that wont dissapoint you no matter what you use the phone for :)


The Creme of HTC phones will be the heavily customized Sense 4.0 customized with the ICS 4.0, This time around, HTC decided to leave all the heavy duty to the ICS side and made a more minimal approach, adding in significantly prettier interface and better than before widget.

You will find that HTC takes user friendly to a different level, adding widgets and personalizing the lock screen has never been easier. I would love to show you every bit of this amazing Sense but I would recommend that you try it yourself at the nearest HTC store or DIGI Centre.

You will be sucked into how every movement of the screen interacts so well with your own movement. :)

Experience it yourself

HTC understood that each user's preference is different therefor each user wants different things in their phone, so why not let the user experience it first hand what they want from a phone.

Make it the best it can be, camera, speed and screen. Plus a world of great speedy apps, than let the users decide WHY they would love the HTC One X.

After two weeks of review with the phone, I used it for it's camera, it's gaming and of course the fact that the screen delivers HD youtube videos and movies.

I conclude that I too will recommend the HTC One X.

Head on over to the nearest Digi Stores and try it out for yourself, it wont let you down and you would certainly wont want to let it go after trying it.

Thank you for letting me review this great phone.

For those who have decided to get it, get it from Digi cause they offer an awesome unlimited data plan which I am happily attached to. :)


nicccchang said...

why you post apple picture under Hardware that point? LOL. like not relavant. xD

nicccchang said...
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nicccchang said...
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benjaminvai said...

quad core , got 4 apples there.

it's a pun la. saying that it is like 4 apple product in one.

Ken Wooi said...

i want smartphone...!

Bersih 3.0 and I

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