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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012, We Were Partying All Night!

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Esther,Ashley Mah ,Naomi, Ashley Khoo, Magdeline
Malaysia's Hottest Blogger gang snatching a pic with the backdrop for the Hennessy Artistry Penang party!

Oh yea! Before we get down to the partying, here are some of the bloggers and media at the Meet & Greet session too!

Clevermunkey, Kelly, Ashley Khoo, Caroline

Kitt and Alif from the Magazine side, nice people! 
While many of the faces were not uncommon anymore, it was still great to be able to travel with the whole bunch of them up to Penang for a good time of partying! All thanks to the awesome Hennessy Malaysia once again! :)

We waited patiently will sipping the good tasting Cognac of Hennessy for the real show to begin, DJ Ramsey Westwood was warming the crowd up with an absolutely stunning set.

Soon after we could hear the crowd cheering as the night was about to officially begin! Suki came up first, DJ Ramsey was mixing it up in the background a very nice combo of awesome beats and beautiful voice.

Suki sure showed us that her win at the One In A Million contest definitely was not a fluke, she left a very strong impression in many of the crowd and certainly impress me very much as well.

I will definitely look forward to her future performances and songs as well, support Suki! haha

Next up, * screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam* ouch! The girls went wild at the SQCC, Straits Quay Convention Centre, oh yes, the famous taiwan pretty boys, Lollipop F came up stage with a strong number and left the girls in awe.

They suddenly gave a very strong aura and did a great job at entertaining the crowd with great dance moves and a wide display of showmanship, you cant ask for more from them. They were sweating like no tomorrow. :)

After their performance the night went to the DJs Andy Moor and DJ Ernest C who both gave the night of good beats with Hennessy!

Met a few new friends and also Nic Chang who is still studying in Penang and stays in Ipoh.

Once again, pictures was of course showered everywhere and here are some!

Mr Henry and Mr Isaac both spotting nice outfits for the awesome night!

The KDU spokesperson of Penang Ms Jessica, Famous Isaac Tan, The random me, and the funny girl Nic Chang, it was the first time many of us met her despite her crap on FB haha. 

Nic Chang and her so called bodyguards who just wanna come and party but she assumes they came for her,  

Magdeline and Naomi with Tim Chew tasting some fine Cognac of Hennessy :) 

The Girlfriend and I, yeap yeap you will be seeing a whole lot more of her now <3.

Hennessy Malaysia loves to throw party that rock the house down so do watch out for more events coming your way, remember that there are two more Hennessy Artistry coming your way so watch out for them! 

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