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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Given the superpowers of a beetle

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The insect, beetle is the most massive species of insect. Almost 40% species of insects are related to the original beetle. There about 400,000 species of know beetles and this will lead to the extensive ability of each insect.

The superpower that I would like to have, (given that spiderman got his from a spider even though a spider is an animal)  is the power of the beetle, not just one but all the most useful powers of the beetles, a little less short of sprouting ugly wings to fly<-- this i can manage without.

Super Strength and Hardskin will be my forte, bullets and knives wont destroy me, I could even survive a nuclear blast just like the cockroaches. Lifting heavy objects or even breaking buildings would not be a problem.

Certain beetles are also known to be fast and quick, i might not be as fast as the flash but quick reflexes and superhuman agility is good enough for those pesky bullets that need a lot of dodging.

Beetles are also smart and quick to adapt so with all these new technology coming about I can even develop a medabot that will be my sidekick in fighting crime.

A robot companion would be great for scouting and handling massive amount of enemy, especially if I equip it with an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons. :)

If that is not enough, I also will have two beetle type pets, one is a pokemon and the other a digimon.

Meet Heracross and Herculeskabuterimon. This two is badass enough to handle adversaries on their own each with their own set of skills. Lethal as ever!

Oh yes, remember that thing that I mentioned saying that I can fly? I think I will be designing a suit much inspired by the Kamen Rider Kabuto. Here is a mock of how it might look like.

So seeing that the Amazing Spiderman will be busy with his movie premieres, I think i shall pick up his slack and go fight crime myself.

Time to nab those idiots that has been menacingly robbing people at our car parks and other places!

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Ken Wooi said...

haha, nice superimpose! :)

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