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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anime Festival Asia MY 2012


The Cosplay events that is happening in Malaysia is seeing a good hike and we are seeing more and more events becoming annual and receive wide acceptance from the community, Animangaki, C2AGE and the Annual Comic Fiesta are among the most eagerly awaited ACG events in Malaysia.

Now joining the camp is the elusive Anime Festival Asia which before this, was only held in Singapore. Now Malaysians have the chane to experience this grand event with performances from Anisong performer all the way from Japan.

To know more about it check out this link .

I think most of you would be wondering what are the things you would be doing here at AFA MY 2012.

1. Shopping
- Get ready some cash cause if you are not a collector of ACG items yet, the chances of you acquiring one at this event is quite high. Katanas and Mask can be seen everywhere, not to mention Anime Tshirts and of course Figurines as well. :)

2. The Butler and Maid Cafe
- An interesting concept that can be scene in the AFA MY is the Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale Cafe, the first being a maid cafe and the latter a butler cafe, a concept that is not foreign to most people but limited availability of it's services are seen in Malaysia, 
Excited young men and Anxious ladies await to be served by the most dazzling girls and the most stunning guys. 

3. Crowd Fighting
- Come prepared, cause you will be battling with excited fan girls, strong willed otakus, shutter happy photographers and a wide range of Anime characters, a few burns and knife wounds might be inevitable but be sure to bring HP potions and you should be alright :). There is ALWAYS a massive packed crowd at these events.

4. Amazing Anisong performances.
- Famous Anisong artist made their concert debuts in Malaysia, everyone was excited to hear their favorite anime openings and endings live. A brand new experience that many would have dreamed of, A Hatsune Miku 3D concert would have killed the whole event to a stampede of highly trained fans of mass destruction with only one goal which is to support Miku.

Unfortunately, I was denied access to take photographs, still finding a way to get some images of the concerts though, gomen minna-san! *bows*

5. Cosplayer, lots and lots of cosplayers!
- Probably the most essential element in the ACG events of Malaysia, Cosplayers in Malaysia have been surfacing quite rapidly thanks to the growing fans and support from the ACG events,standard of cosplayers have been improving steadily as well, (wish I could say the same about photographer attitudes)

So here are some pictures of the cosplayers present that day!

Some of the most popular cosplays come from main stream animes such as Naruto and also popular game titles like Devil May Cry, and most cosplayers work in pairs to produce some pretty neat pose and action stills :)

Of course, the female cosplayers draw some of the most attentions of both spectators and photographers, I sure hope the pictures that are taken are put to professional use and not for petty gains. :)

My personal favorite cosplayers are still the ones that come in a group, they seem to be growing bigger each event, one such group would be the One Piece group which expanded to about 20 members now, I predict them to cover a full range of characters by Comic Fiesta 2012.

The Samurai X group also showed some potential, perhaps a few more tries to perfect it will do. Maybe more members to cover the vast characters that the anime developed. :)

But of course, no one beats my dearest gf and her cosplay ventures, really proud that she is giving it a lot of effort into it (hope she doesnt neglect me though) :P.

Here are her cosplays which I find to be quite up to par. (most are handmade, I was there) haha

Of course she has more pictures, but she is off limits ok? Get your own wife ^.^, I am dead serious .

If you are interested to attend these events, do keep yourself updated! 

Here are some fanpages that you might want to "like"

I will definitely be looking into more photo editing and photography skills, it would be awesome to capture great cosplay moments and top it with good visuals as well, after all, a part of cosplays motive is to bring the characters to life. :)

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