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Sunday, May 13, 2012

This blog is now a part of Digi WWWOW Internet For All Awards


I guess it's important to mention the direction that this blog is currently headed.

The objective however has never changed since a year ago when surfaced.

"To share all the things that the author experienced and the thoughts that come with it, from the majestic events to the small scale parties that is happening not just locally BUT globally as well. The events that bring upon new lifestyles, the food that gathers us together, the movies that we all love and hate, and the smallest most important thing we call life."
The more "out there" this blog becomes, the bigger the reach it will help to channel news, happenings, food, lifestyles great events and the little things that make you smile.

Whether it is to promote small eateries, or big brands.

Whether it is to tell a great tale of inspiration, or share a story full of grief

Whether it is about the own life of the author, or the colorful journey others have experienced.'s purpose to be a well known blog only aims for one true goal, which is to create a place where things can be shared with the rest of the world.

So now, I have entered into the Digi WWWOW Internet For All Awards.

Choose to vote if you are convinced that is ready to be accepted by the mass.

If not, just have a look at the site and see what we have. 

=) THX :)


Unknown said...

Welcome to the dark side. hahaha!

Ken Wooi said...

you only submitted on the last day of the voting ah?

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