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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sushi Tei : Tei serve Sushi!


Japanese food are my favorite food so hearing that there is a sushi place nearby often stirs my cravings but most of the time I refrain myself from going, simply because I don't really have the budget.

I am sure this applies for many people as well, you crave for certain thing but most of the time it is either too expensive or unavailable nearby.

Well, it's been really long since I've been to a Sushi Restaurant so I was really thrilled.

The Sushi Tei I went to was situated in Tropicana City Mall, the patrons of that day was quite pleasant as it was not as packed as it is sometimes.

We were escorted into one of the few VIP rooms that were provided for a more private dining experience.

Aside from the hot dishes, I always consider Japanese Restaurants to be fast food restaurants, because the ones with conveyor belts already have food ready for your picking =).

TA-DA! the greatest invention ever to serve Sushi ! Traditionally you would prefer to sit next to the belt so you can full access to the Sushi here but since we were in the room, I was not able to activate to frenzy. So I just nabbed my favorites!

 The Volcano Sushi (not real name), is made from fish eggs and rice top with Mentai, the eggs deliver a very crunchy texture that serves as a thrill when you eat it. I rather like this one =).

The white product is actually sliced radish that you can eat along with the Sushi but I find that it doesn't go well with it and decided to abandon it. =(

Basically anything mentai is my favorite, the Inari Mentai and Tamago Mentai are my favorite cause they are cheap and deliver a very satisfying taste :). Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the things are expensive, it;'s just that I am a follower of all things cheap and worthy haha.

There are other Sushi that I recommend that you order directly to get the freshly made ones.

 There is ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS  a Sushi that is shaped like a heart, it can only mean one thing, they are made full of love.

No matter where you learn your Sushi making skill, they will always teach you to make food with love. So there is sure to be a few items that shape like the love that the chef pour in to make the food for you. =)

The anchovies that we normally consume are the ones in the sambal or the ones deep fried to crisp as snacks. Well, it ain't a Japanese restaurant if you don't consume raw seafood right?

These anchovies are raw but because of it's freshness it does not have that fishy smell that a lot of us are sensitive to. It was also my first time trying it but it was quite good. ^.^

Oh, almost forgot the Sashimi set, yes... the Sashimi set,  a plate of raw seafood prepared so beautifully that you almost do not want to destroy it!

Like I say, I almost feel sorry for eating it up *munch* but *munch* it was good *munch* and fresh *munch munch* haha.

Moving on to some solid main course-ish meals , Sushi Tei also practices fushion cusion where they mix in western style and their on Japanese style.

Influenced heavily by the Italian pastry, The Sakura Ebi Pizza has a very crispy dough tucked with prawns that deliver a very seafood-ish flavor. Let's just put it as a Japanese pizza ya? 

We were served with quite a number of food at this time, so the rest almost did not have any place to be put.

 With a blend of Tuna and fresh anchovies plus what seems like more Sashimi. 
 This bowl of rice has high volume and needs to be mixed with the said ingredients to achieve great enjoyment of taste.

An Onsen Pasta and A mixed Pasta is not a surprise to you,both taste pretty decent.

The Sakura Ebi Okonomyaki was pretty good, I really wouldnt mind having it again.

Before ending the chow down session, we ordered a few more snackish items to make sure we are really filled up!

The beef slices were very interesting as well, ause you will need to dip it in a special sauce, fry it on the hot plate and eat .

The overall dining experience with Sushi Tei is pretty nice and I would definitely come back again some other day.

For those who are eager to test this place out here you go =)

Sushi Tei
Lot G-16, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall
Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor
Business Hours: Daily 1100-2200
GPS Coordinates: 3.1304, 101.6274
Tel: 03-77289299

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