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Friday, May 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched- It will be in Malaysia soon.


As easy as 1, 2 ,3 , it's pretty obvious what I am about to tell you!

Headed down to One Hotel at Bandar Utama for the Samsung Galaxy s3 Exclusive Media Launch.

Pretty much all medias from each field were there, all ready to get first looks and hands on for the eagerly awaited SGS3.

Wan Zaleha was there to stun crowd, she presented with much elegance and precision, Samsung made no mistake in having her to be the Emcee.

Samsung Malaysia, in my opinion did a really great job in presenting the SGS3 to us, orchestrated with a live Orchestra,  presented with a magnificent giant screen and a hall big enough to give us ample space to snap pictures.

It was a pleasant experience, one which other phone brands have yet to learn to have. (sadly)

The key features or hardware were the screen size and the battery capacity, it is of course and added bonus to any smartphone user to have more power XD

The Samsung Galaxy was presented to us in a simple but clear manner. 

The live demo was something very special as it shows the key features of the phone on the massive display in front with product specialists working together to show us how the phone works ;)

There was also a feature video showing us the power of the SGS3

The massive screen and high resolution made everything very awesome indeed.

Quite an impressive presentation

We were then escorted into another area were a big amount of the SGS3 was put out to be tested by us.

Everyone was eager to test it out and be amazed by it.

Everyone were rushing to test out the features and all the things it says it can do. I guess many are already planning on getting one?

Samsung Malaysia has also announced that all 3 major providers for Malaysia's mobile communication will be ready to take on the SGS3. So do watch out for the preorder promos!

So be sure to watch out for the coming of this new phone, the Smart phone market will yet again be shaken with this new device in town and I KNOW some people are already eyeing it.


Ken Wooi said...

Quite crowded ah.. haha..
I want one please? :D

nicccchang said...

i want throw my s2 and change s3. give me pls. Hhahhah!

de engineur said...

it's great to attend launching of new products and experience it first hand like this.

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