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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hennessy New Bottle Launching at Doubletree Hilton

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Henessy V.S.O.P closes in on the middle of the year with a new bottle design, it's not just new , it was made to revolutionize and build the future!

Former BMW Chief Designer Chris Bangle was roped in to create this new bottle design, while analyzing each and everyone of the previous bottles and the philosophy Hennessy V.S.O.P revolves around, a new futuristic bottle was create without damaging any of the core essence.

Chris Bangle demonstrates on the sketch that helped build the bottle of today, with just a few strokes here and there, a sketch of the bottle was born.

Without further ado, the bottle was introduced to us.

As you can see, the bottle has a 3D logo embed on it to give it the futuristic look, but it still maintains the antique feel to it just like how the Cognac is.

Moving on after the launch we were then introduced into the black room. Or maybe you could say it as the Party Room.

As usual the great mixes that comes with Hennessy are, the Ginger, Apple, Raspberry and Soda Water for the night.

Hennessy does throw a good party whether it is small or big, the company that you are with matters a lot as well for your enjoyment. Would you care to have a over the bar chat with some acquaintance? Or would you want to get grooving with some of the lovely ladies around! 

One could say that it is both an enjoyment and a pleasure to be at one of these Hennessy Parties.

It's always good to have company on events like this!

Oh and I heard the next Hennessy Artistry will kickstart in Penang! How about that? more info next week!

1 comment :

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