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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day- Just Saying Thank You


I was always a pain the ass for my teachers, ever since kindergarten.

I would always talk with my friends and run out of the class, very typical small kid behaviour la.

I get caned very often to the extend that I was not afraid of it any more and I was pretty rebellious by nature so this attitude was brought to my secondary school life where I skip classes and never studied causing a lot of ruckus around the school.

I gave my educators some really tough times and I didn't score well for my SPM as well. Actually it was mega fail la.

Time passed and I entered University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar, taking up a bachelor's degree in communication majoring in Advertising.

Still clueless of what I was doing, I've met several awesome lecturers that changed me on a massive scale.

Pn Fraulina-

She is the one that knocked my head hard, gave me the inspiration to actually be passionate about something. She was very unconventional and active, always trying different ways to get us going, her lectures were never a bore to me cause she tries SO HARD to show us that "it's not all about memorizing, it's about learning and application" Her jokes were not always captured by the class though, but they were really good laughs for me. Haha.

Because of her, on most days, I go to work like this picture below "in high spirits" 

Mr. Lionel-

This young lazy dude was pretty enthusiastic about teaching, always giving advices and speaking from his heart, he showed me that even if you are wearing a formal suit and having to teach, "You still can be who you want to be"  You can say that Lionel actually came as a role model to me "to how I should never lose myself to the flows of society"

Ms Jass Kok-

She is quite strict when it comes to lessons, but knows how to draw the line and be a good friend as well. She is always a good chat to have around, the times I drop by in her office just to see how is she doing and we would end up talking about my future and other trendy topics. "You can say that she never let's you down"

Ms Tan Ser Zian-

Quite a petite teacher, can be labelled as cute la. I owe her a ton cause if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have graduated on time, She took time off her busy scheduled and slotted a friend and I for a personal subject that I have failed to pass the previous semester. She is also very energetic and keen to absorb new knowledge lo, very fun to talk to her wan. Cheerful as always, it makes you more motivated if the students respect you. She always willing to help out.

Ms Esaline Maria Spykerman:-

Awesome name right? Haha, anyway this lecturer is a bit more unique, she is very very demanding and it was a real challenge to keep up with her, always rejecting our stuff and asking very provocative questions. "But after you think about it, it was all for our own good, cause when you go out to work you will need to be in tip top shape", and I am very thankful that she did what she did, besides! She is very nice when she is not busy sculpting you to be the pillar of society! :D

So these are really some of the lecturers that made an impact in my life, when many told me that it would be hell to go through University with my attitude and lack of energy.

These lecturers of mine were like the Avengers of my uni life.

and in the end, with their guidance, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration.



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hui min said...

lol! at all the 9gag pics XD

nicccchang said...

geng. you still rmbr what teacher said. I totally forgot.LOL

Charmaine Pua said...

LOL my secondary school friend is ur lecturer =.=
OK our relationship now is officially "it's complicated" XD

Isaac Tan said...

so sweet.. :)

Koh Kian Fai said...

wahhh! anyways . . . Happy Teacher Days!

NatashaTing said...

Nice teacher's day blog post, and I can see that you are very talkative by the way you describe your relationship with the teachers/lecturers. haha. Btw, I found this blog fun so yeah, following now! :D


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