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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Corona Extra Cinco De Mayo Brought The House Down!

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I am pretty sure you guys remember my mentioning about Corona Extra Brings in the Calvary to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo about a week ago =).

So I was there at one of the 3 celebration venues to experience the way this Mexican holiday brought the house down!

But First! Here are the other two places that celebrated this Memorable Mexican Holiday as well.

At the Cobra Club, We see lots of people having great fun at the boardgame challenges where you will need to throw a dice and do challenges to where you land on the board to ulimately get to the other end of the board!

Everyone was happy to enjoy bottles of the Super Premium Corona Extra after a long week at work! It is definitely a great session of catchy mexican tunes and a lot of salsa chatting! Just look at those Smiley faces =)

The other venue was just as happening and if not MORE happening!

From hitting Pinatas to a mexican band performance to a sexy session of salsa dancing and posing pictures with Giant Corona ExtrasLas Carrestas Ampang was more than packed, they were jam packed and ready to rock the night away with great music, dancing and a whole lot of Corona!

Las Carrestas Ampang just so happens to be a authentic Mexican restaurant and was more that ready to project the ambience of the whole event!


Here I was, at Beach Club KL. One of the most popular tourist hang out bars in KL for many reasons! One of which is their willingness to generate a great atmosphere to keep the crowd entertained at all times!

Food and the awesome Corona Extra with a dash of lime slice to kickstart a soon to be awesome night.

The Corona Extra taste very different when you put in that lime or lemon element in it, it becomes a very unique drink delivering the same smooth refreshing jolt you would want from a premium beer =)

The food served here was really splendid as well as they blend perfectly as a complement to the Corona Extra, we really helped ourselves with the food since it WAS dinner time after all.

Mexican tunes can filled the air as the Emcee ushered in the different segments of the night to entertain us, there was the giant board game where you roll dice and try to reach the end as soon as possible :) Take note that there are some obstacles u need to complete if you land on it :

The talented and stunning Chelsea of was the first victor of the night although we didn't get to catch her in action haha :) She is the one in purple? In the picture below

Moving on to more activities, a grand tutorial of the famous Mexican Salsa was demonstrated and tought to the crowd. The crowd join in and it became quite a sight!

Picking-up the pace towards the later part of the evening in true Mexicano style, the challenge to hit a piƱata gave party lovers a swinging time.

Participants stepped-up to the plate and gave the gaily decorated figure their best shots in hopes of breaking it while troops watching in anticipation were supportive as they cheered on everyone who tried out.

So it was one fine night for all ! Will sure be looking forward to future Cinco De Mayo celebrations around town next year, would you care to join me as well? =)

“Corona Extra is the world’s most loved Mexican beer because of its light, refreshing and relaxing taste that always brings out the fun where it is. It is unique and distinct in its own special way. Even the way you drink a Corona Extra is a ritual on its own with a slice of lime inserted'

So Cheers! 

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missyblurkit said...

That's so much fun. play, food and bubbles!

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