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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ACE Youth Global Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event & Organ Donation Awareness Campaign


Looks like I had SOME of you at "Guinness World Record Breaking" or maybe some of you are just simply attracted to the Leng Yein's poster (it's ok, we understand)

But it's G-O-O-D ! At least I caught your attention! Well, This charity event is pretty interesting because it actually connects with several other Charity events worldwide and I am really happy that Malaysia is part of it.

Here are the places that will be participating along with us.

1. Malaysia
2. New Zealand
3. Captown
4. Edinburgh ( a prison )
5. Katmandu
6. London
7. Manipal India

The video above is really interesting and fun!

One of the main events that will happen during this day is the  BollyforCharity is a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the largest multi-site Bollywood dance event.

Helping our fellow friends in UK to break the current record of close to 4,500 people.

There will be events set to take place in Capetown, Edinburgh (a prison!), New Zealand, Kathmandu, Victoria Embarkment-London, Manipal-India, Petaling Jaya-Malaysia so far. So it would be a great time to rope in your friends and colleagues to come join in for a fun time for charity.

A RM10 donation from each participant to contribute towards our RM10,000 target would be more than enough as we believe in the power of networking with a golden heart!

This event is an open event catering all age categories. The supporting bodies for this event would be Ace Youth , Alumni Sri Aman & TGF-(Taman Gembira Foundation).

Here are the amazing people who will be supporting the event full force.


2. Mean Machine

Current Event Ambassador

1. Leng Yein ( ACE Youth Ambassador )
2. Parisz Pariszque ( Ace Youth Special Invited Guest )
3. Jenna Gong ( Ace Youth Role Model )
4. Aliza Kim ( Ace Youth Special Invited Guest )

Event Host

1. Vanes Phung ( Ace Youth Role Model )
2. Wong Kim May ( Ace Youth Role Modle )

Mean Machine Models
1. Ivonne Lo ( Mean Machine Penang Winner )
2. Cookies ( Mean Machine Malacca Winner )
3. Cindy Chew
4. Miya

See anyone familiar?

As we bring people together, it's not just all about the achievement but rather the spirit that we can show to support charity events. What needs to be done might be a small amount of cash for maybe one meal and the power of sharing.

London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride

Flash mob Fund Raisers by students

Amazing Race-Charity Version

T mobile Flash mob (brand campaign)

As people gather and spark interest towards something, be it a wedding for celebrations, a fiesta for drinking, a festival of booze and joy, a New Year countdown, or even just a fashion event, great things always happen.

Flash mobs and bike rides, marathons and pet shows if we somehow learn to channel these energy and ideas to have even just a small hint of charity, it would really benefit a lot of people.


I think a thought like that is very fulfilling and you would be glad that you are helping someone out no matter how menial you might think it is. 

"A RM1 donation might not mean anything to you, but to someone it could mean a gardenia roll, a donut, a bag of sweets to give to kids, a bottle of water, a bus fare home or even just to pass it on to someone else who needs it. No good deed goes to waste if your heart is right"-benjaminfoo.

So do join me in this remarkable initiative and give me a pat on the shoulder if you see me =), I would love to meet whoever that is reading my blog and took a step forward to help out and participate even in presence. =). 


Venue : Sri Aman School PJ School Field

Time : 7.00 PM - 11.30 PM

Date : 12 May 2012 


Donation funds will be given to Handicapped and Disabled Children's Association of Klang Selangor & Agathians Shelter, PJ 


Alumni Sri Aman

Supporting Body



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